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10 Best Strategies for Managing Your Weight

September 11, 2017


10 best strategies for managing your weight

 1. Eat breakfast every day! Reduce the amount of fat by using skim or 1% milk or low-fat yogurt. Include high-fiber foods such as wholewheat bread or bagels, bran or oat cereals, and dried or fresh fruit.

2. Eat 3 to 5 meals or snacks, spaced evenly throughout the day to keep you energized. Avoid skipping meals to reduce the temptation to snack or eat more than you need later in the day.

3. If you eat a high-calorie and/or high-fat meal, balance it with smaller, lower-calorie and/or lower-fat snacks or meals during the day.

4. Watch how much you eat. Try smaller portions of food consistent with the serving sizes recommended on the food guide. If you are still hungry, add vegetables and fruits.

5. Cut back on sugars and sweets and high-calorie and/or high-fat foods that don’t offer key nutrients, such as chips, cookies and donuts.

6. Be aware that low-fat foods are not a panacea. Many low-fat foods are actually high in sugar and calories and won’t help you lose weight.

7. Fill up on foods that are naturally high in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes such as cooked beans, dried peas and lentils.

8. Get moving! Gradually work up to 60 minutes a day of physical activity — brisk walking, cycling, swimming, strength training or aerobic dancing. Adding a half-hour brisk walk each day is an easy way to start. Once you get into the routine, mix and match your other activities.

9. Set realistic goals — aim to lose 5% to 10% of your body weight. After you achieve that goal, aim for another 5% to 10%. Keep going until you achieve a healthy weight. Breaking weight loss into manageable chunks may take time, but the long-term effort will be easier to manage.

10. Keep track of your weight loss and physical activity on your calendar or in a journal. Reward yourself for achieving your goals and keep going. Set new goals to keep you motivated.


~ Excerpted from 500 Best Healthy Recipes by Lynn Roblin, MSc, RD





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