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Buckwheat and Sunflower Seed Pizza Crust (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

January 2, 2019

"When I make this recipe, I usually prepare four small crusts and store them in the refrigerator. When I feel a craving for a pizza, I take one out and add my favorite toppings. Let your imagination run wild and see what flavor combinations you can come up with to make the perfect raw pizza." ~Chef Douglas McNish, author of Eat Raw, Eat Well

Makes 1 large pizza (approximately 16 inches/40 cm) or 4 mini pizzas (4 inches/10 cm) 

           Electric food dehydrator


2 cups           buckwheat groats, soaked            500 mL
           (see Tips)

34 cup           raw sunflower seeds, soaked            175 mL
           (see Tips)

34 cup           chopped carrot           175 mL

12 cup           chopped red bell pepper           125 mL

14 cup           cold-pressed (extra virgin) olive oil           60 mL

2           cloves garlic           2

1 tsp           dried oregano           5 mL

12 tsp           fine sea salt           2 mL

12 cup           filtered water           125 mL

1 cup           ground flax seeds (see Tips)           250 mL

1.                  In a food processor fitted with the meal blade, process carrot, red pepper, olive oil, garlic, oregano and salt until smooth, stopping the motor and scraping down the sides of the work bowl as necessary.

2.                  Add soaked buckwheat and sunflower seeds and water and process until smooth, stopping the motor and scraping down the sides of the work bowl as necessary.

3.                  Transfer to a bowl and stir in ground flax seeds. Set aside for 10 minutes so the flax can absorb some of the moisture and swell.

4.                  Transfer to a nonstick dehydrator sheet and, using your hands, work into a circular shape about 12 inch (1 cm) thick. (If making mini pizzas, divide the dough into four equal portions before flattening, see Tips, page 327.) Dehydrate at 105°F (41°C) for 5 to 6 hours or until firm enough to handle.

5.                  Flip and transfer to mesh sheet. Dehydrate at 105°F (41°C) for 2 to 3 hours or until dry on the outside and soft in the middle. The finished product should be similar to a traditional pizza crust. Allow to cool and transfer to an airtight container. Store in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.



To soak the buckwheat for this recipe, place in a bowl and add 4 cups (1 L) water. Set aside for 30 minutes. Drain, discarding soaking water. Rinse under cold running water until the water runs clear.

To soak the sunflower seeds for this recipe, combine with 2 cups (500 mL) water. Cover and set aside for 30 minutes. Drain, discarding water and any shells or unwanted particles. Rinse under cold running water until the water runs clear.

When a recipe calls for flax seeds, you have two options to choose from: golden or brown. Golden flax seeds will yield a lighter color in the end result, while brown flax seeds will make the final product darker.


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