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Different Forms of Vegetarianism

January 3, 2017

The desire to eat healthily, the wish to ward off cardiovascular diseases brought on by a diet high in animal fats, and even respect for the environment are pushing more and more people to turn vegetarian, say Chefs Igor Brotto and Olivier Guiriec, authors of The Vegetarian Kitchen Table Cookbook. Vegetarianism comes in a variety of forms that are in some cases associated with religious beliefs or are linked to ecological or ethical convictions. In India, 40 percent of the population is considered to be vegetarian.


Forms of vegetarianism:

         Lacto-vegetarians exclude all meat from their diet but consume milk and dairy products (cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.).

         Ovo-vegetarians avoid all products containing meat, as well as all dairy products. Eggs are permitted.

         Ovo-lacto-vegetarians avoid all meat but consume dairy products and eggs.

         Strict vegetarians exclude all animal products (including cheese, milk, eggs and honey) and eat only plant foods.

         Vegans are individuals who, in addition to being strict vegetarians, try to avoid any products and by-products that come from the exploitation of animals (such as wool, fur, leather, etc.)

         Fruitarians eat only fruits, seeds, nuts and other plant foods, provided that harvesting them does not damage the plants, shrubs or trees.

         Pescetarians are ovo-lacto-vegetarians who also eat products from the sea (fish, crustaceans, shellfish, mollusks).

         Rawtarians or crudivores eat only uncooked foods or those that have been heated to a temperature of no more than 118°F (48°C).


         Whatever diet you choose should be adapted to your needs and should not lead to possible nutritional deficiencies. It is also important to respect the products you use. They should be fresh, varied and preferably organic. Of course, cereal grains and legumes are available all the time. Germinating cereal grains and legume seeds is an ancient practice that is still widespread. Sprouted grains and seeds provide a steady supply of varied nutrients that are easily absorbed and essential to the body.


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