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Fun with Food this March Break!

March 9, 2018


Seeking some fun ‘kids stuff’ ideas this March Break?

Author of 12,167 Kitchen and Cooking Secrets, Susan Sampson has some fabulously fun ideas: 


  • Fill a cash register with M&Ms or Smarties and jelly beans; the kids will have fun ringing in sales to pop open the drawer. They can even buy the treats with funny money.


  • Stick cocktail toothpicks into melon or cheese cubes and place them on a new, clean game board. Kids can play checkers, for example. The opponent’s pieces are eaten once captured.


  • Put sugar in a salt shaker or Parmesan shaker box. Kids can shake the sugar over their cereal instead of making a mess with loose sugar and a spoon.


  • Use a squeeze bottle to squirt batter onto the griddle in patterns. Kids love eating their own initials. You can also squeeze out holiday shapes, such as hearts, Christmas bells or bunny heads (add chocolate chips for eyes). Squeeze an outline, then fill it in with batter.


  • Pile hot dogs in a dump truck (new or well washed, and lined with waxed paper).


  • Set up little bowls of treats on different floors of a dollhouse.


  • Pile a Barbiemobile with cheesies and let the kids wheel the snacks instead of passing them. Expect a mess.




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