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Have Diabetes? Walk for Health

November 3, 2018

Walk for Health...

Karen Graham, diabetes expert and author of Diabetes Meals for Good Health says: "It is very important to keep active. Experts recommend about thirty minutes of exercise a day. For people with diabetes, a minimum of 150 minutes per week is recommended. If half an hour is too long for you, instead go for three ten-minute walks a day. 

Walking is one of the best kinds of exercise. You can walk when you want and where you want. Start off slowly and try walking a little faster and further each week.

Most of the people I counsel say they are active. I tell them that there is a difference between being active (or busy) and exercising. I compare the way we live today with the lives of our grandparents. People used to walk to work, to the store, to the post office, to school, to church and to the dance hall. Working in the home and on the farm was hard exercise. Today, we don’t walk enough. We sit or stand for hours a day, whether at home or at work. Television and computers too often replace active play and work. This lack of exercise makes us unhealthy.

Are you simply too tired to go for a walk? When your muscles are weak, you will feel tired. It may seem strange, but the only way to have the energy for walking is to go for a walk. Once you become more fit, you will find that walking gives you energy.

Are you so busy you can’t find the time to go for a walk? Finding the time for a walk means making a few changes. Think about how often you go outside to do something — such as start the car or go to the bus stop, or get the mail. Once you are outside, take an extra twenty minutes to go for a walk. Walking is an important part of keeping healthy. We usually can find the time to do things we think are important.

It is a dream to think you can lose weight without regular exercise. Walking can help you lose weight, regulate your blood glucose and help you look and feel better. Walking keeps your bones and muscles strong. You will breathe deeper and easier. Walking often reduces back pain and other joint pain. Walking can help you reduce your stress and help you sleep better at night.

Walking is the best exercise for most of us.

You will find that exercise gives you more energy.

Walking helps you lose weight and helps you in many other ways."



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