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Ideas for Father’s Day

June 7, 2018


Brunch is a great excuse to enjoy breakfast food - a universal favorite - a little later in the morning, and it's the perfect way to toast the guest of honor on Mother's Day or Father's Day, or to honor an out-of-town guest who would relish the chance to catch up with several local friends or family members at once. Planning an activity for after the meal, such as a hike, a swim or a visit to the local botanical gardens or a museum, keeps an early-in-the-day party moving along.

For larger parties, consider enlisting a co-host to share party-day responsibilities, easing your stress and helping to make sure everything goes smoothly.



Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, your father's birthday: there are occasions when you'll be inviting mostly, or all, family. Only you will know if it's wise to mix in a few friends with your own unique bunch, or if you even have the room to do so. I have a friend who is one of six adult children in her family; they all live within an hour's drive of each other and are all now married with children of their own. This friend throws a fantastic Christmas party every December, and everyone wants to come. She has begun hosting a family party one evening and a friends party the next. She has manageable numbers of people, is able to enjoy each party and only has to shop once. (It helps that she has an extra fridge in her garage.) Speaking of keeping the peace with family, I have another friend whose house rule is this: Leave your shoes and your politics at the door. Not a bad motto, especially with mixed groups.

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