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Kinesiology Taping for Sports, Fitness and Daily Life

August 10, 2018

Have you been bitten by the taping bug yet? Or maybe you know someone who has. Perhaps somebody has recommended taping to you, or you are only familiar with tapes from seeing people wearing them on television or on your local sports field.

Whether or not you have already had any experience with taping, this book will show you the wide range of possibilities that exist for taping yourself. Taping can be used for a variety of conditions, such as pain, muscle tension, bruising, sore muscles, bad posture, swelling, strains and sprains, as well as to provide support when you are in training, to support a joint, and to help with arthritic conditions, menstrual complaints, headaches and bruxism, to name just a few. All you need is a 2-inch (5 cm) wide piece of elastic tape.

We are fascinated by taping and its numerous possibilities. That is how we came to write this book. It was developed and written especially for lay people; you do not need physiotherapeutic or medical knowledge to use this book. Everything you need to tape yourself, your friends or your partner safely and effectively is explained in this book. We will start by telling you what taping really is and how it works, where and when it can be applied, and what to do in practice. The second part of the book illustrates 80 proven tape applications that you can either apply yourself or — if it is hard to reach a particular body part yourself — with the help of a partner. All applications are described in such detail, using both words and pictures, that the tapes can be applied anytime, anywhere.

You will initially need a little practice to become familiar with the techniques before taping will come easily to you. Once you have got the knack of it, you will be astonished by just how effective and simple taping can be, whether for self-treatment, for regeneration and for prevention of just about any complaint.

~Karin Sertel and John Langendoen, authors of Kinesiology Taping: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide



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Once you’ve got the knack for it, you’ll be astonished at how effective and simple taping can be — all you need is a 2-inch- wide piece of self-adhesive cotton tape.

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