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Long Weekend Entertaining

August 26, 2018


Make it a party to remember...


Fun-in-the-Sun Gifts

If you are having a beach party or luau - or just hosting a cookout in your sunny backyard ~ send your guests home with a fun-in-the-sun gift. Roll a travel-size tube of sunscreen, protective lip balm and a small bottle of water in a small towel.

Or give each of your guests a Frisbee: they are inexpensive and universally appealing, even to the canine set. Younger guests will enjoy bubbles or sidewalk chalk.


Tips for Entertaining

If you don't have help lined up, stick with family-style or buffet service, putting all food and beverages, including pitchers of water and other beverages, out on the buffet or dinner table. When people can help themselves, you'll have a lot less running around to do.

Take pleasure in your less-than-perfect house, place settings or linens. Don't apologize for anything that seems imperfect; try to embrace it as unique, quirky and fun. Who else has those wacky table linens from their crazy grandmother? Such imperfections will actually make your guests feel more at ease and make the gathering feel more personal and intimate.

Laugh it off. Accidents happen. Cakes stick to Bundt pans and custards curdle. When a dish is salvageable, such as a cake that can't be coaxed out of its pan, present it with a smile; it'll still taste great. If the item in question isn't salvageable, don't dwell on it. Dessert can be skipped or replaced with a box of chocolates, store-bought shortbread cookies or a simple dish of ice cream. Side dishes can fall by the wayside completely without anyone noticing. Even a burned-beyond-recognition main course can be replaced with takeout. If you're having fun, so will your guests.




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