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Panini Maker Sandwich Ideas

August 3, 2018

'WHEN I WAS ASKED to write 200 Best Panini Recipes, my initial reaction was, You better know I will! Then I thought, Are there really 200 panini recipes?

    But just as my mom was, I am the master of sandwiches. I have been told I make the best sandwiches, and I think this is because I believe sandwich ingredients have zero limitations. And what is a panini but a pressed, grilled sandwich? When I looked at it that way, I knew I could create 200 plus.

    The potential ingredient lineups for sandwiches are endless, as are the combinations of flavors, both traditional and unusual. And you can take almost any sandwich and turn it into a panini, with a bit of landscaping. You know, to keep the ingredients from oozing out too much. Once you step outside of the panini “box,” you’ll find that there are a million irresistible possibilities.

    In this book, I’ve included many of my favorite sandwiches, such as Turkey Panini with Cranberry Chutney and Sunflower Seeds (page 110), Beef and Brie Panini (page 127) and Shrimp Club Panini (page 80). I put my own spin on some traditional sandwich recipes, such as the Classic Reuben Panini (page 135), the Monte Cristo Panini (page 143) and the Philly Chicken Panini (page 182). I figured out ways to reinvent other recipes I enjoy as delicious panini, as with the Chicken Caesar Panini (page 92), the Lobster Fontina Panini (page 84) and my signature sandwich, The Tiffany (page 166), which incorporates my favorite pizza toppings. I polled my friends and family to learn what flavor combinations they enjoy and turned those ingredients into panini, such as Marcia’s Tuna and Swiss Panini (page 62) and the Open-Face Hawaiian Melt (page 218), my daughter’s favorite treat. And I experimented to create brand-new flavor combinations that exceeded even my own expectations, such as Smashed White Bean, Avocado and Bacon Panini (page 158), Sardine and Balsamic Tomato Panini (page 64) and Mixed Berry and Mascarpone Panini with Toasted Almonds (page 227).' ~Tiffany Collins Blackmon, author of 200 Best Panini Recipes


So, what are you waiting for? With this much inspiration, all there is left to say is: Get panini making!




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