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Short on time? Your Vitamix is the answer

September 14, 2018


"This morning, I went to the gym. In between sets, I scarfed an energy bar that I made in my Vitamix. When I got home, I used my Vitamix to whip up a facial and a body scrub made from fresh, organic foods. Then I slathered on a pure, additive-free lotion, also made in the Vitamix. By then I was hungry again, so I made a nutritious, whole-food smoothie in the Vitamix.

 As the day progressed, I ground grains for fresh flour and made a loaf of bread, quickly and easily, in the Vitamix. For lunch, I had a deceptively decadent creamy soup and a big salad with a nutty, flavorful salad dressing emulsified in the Vitamix. I prepared marinades and a nut milk for tomorrow's meals. I had a whole juice for a snack, then made a hearty pasta sauce and tasty veggie-packed burgers for my dinner guests, along with a moist, rich chocolate cake and frosting, with ice cream to serve on top. For the adults, I prepared blended cocktails, and the kids got a virgin version.

There was hardly time for the container to dry between jobs.

Chances are, you bought a Vitamix to make one thing. Maybe it was smoothies. Or perhaps you saw a chef demo at a cooking school and came away craving the ultra-creamy soup you sampled. But your Vitamix can do so much more. It can be a true workhorse in the kitchen, making quick work of everything from breakfast through dessert and drinks, with some skin-care products thrown in for good measure.

If you are looking for a way to eat fresh, wholesome foods but find yourself short on time, the Vitamix is the answer. This amazing high-power machine makes smoothies and juices from whole fruits and vegetables with the flip of a switch. No chopping, no chewing — just a convenient and nearly instant way to get those servings of fruits and vegetables that many of us have been skipping. It also chops, grinds and minces, so you don’t have to spend time laboring over the cutting board.

Grinding your own flours is now within your reach, and it takes 60 seconds. Instead of buying flours that were ground months ago, you can grind your own for maximum flavor and nutrition, and mix up bread, pancakes, muffins and scones while the flour is at its peak. You are no longer bound by what your grocery store carries, because you can make flour from any grain or bean you choose. Want to try an ancient wheat, like farro or spelt flour? Or to make fresh buckwheat flour for pancakes? There’s a wide world of grains, beans and nuts open to you for making flours. If you are avoiding gluten, or have allergies or intolerances to flours used in baked goods, you can grind your own flours, tailored to your needs.

Your powerful blender can help you at all stages of your life. Pregnant women may find that a sweet, digestible smoothie is a better way to answer cravings for ice cream, with more nutritious ingredients. And once the baby is ready for solid foods, the Vitamix is the tool of choice for making baby food, ensuring that your baby gets the best, freshest foods. Research shows that introducing vegetables in the formative months shapes the tastes of children as they grow, so early exposure to healthy vegetables will create vegetable eaters for life.

As your family grows, the speed and convenience of your super-powered blender will make feeding them easy. Kids love smoothies, ice pops and the smooth texture of blended foods. Even picky eaters can learn to consume healthful foods when they are blended. Many of the recipes in this book are designed to put more vegetables on the plate, whether in a veggie-packed meatloaf or a creamy soup with less cream.

Life is about celebrations and special meals, too, and the treats and splurge foods your family loves are a snap to make in the Vitamix. And when you make them yourself, you can be sure there are no weird ingredients.

At some point in life, you may decide to get into plant-based eating. Whether you have a vegan family member or just want to keep your cholesterol in check, whipping up your own cashew cheese, almond milk and vegan goodies is easy in your Vitamix.

After all this delicious, healthful food, you may want to celebrate with a cocktail. As long as you are having a drink, why not make it a good one? The best cocktail bars have blenders to make fresh juices and juice purées for high-end drinks. Your Vitamix allows you to use the best fresh fruits to make delicious cocktails, with none of the artificial flavors and colors found in many purchased cocktail mixes. Many of these blended drinks can also be made without alcohol, so everyone can enjoy them.

And if you’re looking for the healthiest products to use on your skin, your Vitamix is equally adept at making natural body-care products, often from foods you already have in your kitchen. If you have ever read the label on a typical bottle of lotion or face cream, you have seen the long list of chemicals that are added to most products. Making your own gives you control over what goes on your body, as well as in it.

All this is within your reach, and recipes often take only a few minutes with your Vitamix and this book. You’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily you can change the way you eat, feed your family and care for your skin."

~Robin Asbell, author of 300 Best Blender Recipes Using Your Vitamix




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Your Vitamix® can do so much more than make smoothies.

If you are looking for a way to eat real, whole foods but nd yourself short on time, a Vitamix® is the answer. It’s a convenient and...

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