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Valentine's Day Entertaining

February 6, 2019


"One shape says it all. You'll have fun collecting the elements, both food and decor, to pull together a hearts party. Use the shape in your decor, serving pieces - even the food! A hearts theme is appropriate for Valentine's Day, of course, but also for an anniversary, an engagement, a celebration of heart health (perhaps a year after surgery) or even a gathering of devoted card-players.

If you plan to purchase only one set of linens, choose a machine-washable 100% cotton fabric, and select a color that's less likely to fade with repeated washings, avoiding very dark colors like black or navy, which will fade the fastest.

If you're looking to round out a collection of linens, adding more colors to the mix, shop for discounted linens toward the end of each season; red linens marketed for Christmas work just as well for Valentine's Day."

~Denise Vivaldo, author of Entertaining Encyclopedia






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