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Want to Make Your Own Homemade Donuts?

November 13, 2017


"Donuts. Just one word and it explains why I am a pastry chef and author," says George Geary, author of 150 Best Donut Recipes. "I loved them as a kid and I enjoy a great donut today. While working on this book I went all over the U.S. locating the prime donut shops of the country. I ate so many great donuts. I saw a trend from coast to coast — gourmet donuts that are fresh and tasty. Now you can create your own.

As you flip through the recipes, you will find many favorites and some brand new flavors. The chapters in this book range from Raised Donuts and Baked Donuts to Specialty and Holiday ones. There’s even a One-Bite Donut chapter!

If you’ve never made a yeast dough before try the Orange Yeast Donut (page 14). This is the recipe that started it all for me in culinary school. Yeast can sometimes be intimidating for the beginner, but with the simple instructions you will become a professional with one try. (There’s even easy step-by-step photos for you to follow for many of the techniques.) Baked donuts are as simple as mixing up a cookie batter.

You don’t need to get out the mixer and you will learn how to use a resealable bag as a pastry bag. When I was working on the baked donuts I found how simple and easy it was to create so many great flavors that would have been more difficult as a fried donut. In making the baked donuts, you won’t have to heat up any oil — just turn on your oven and you are ready to go.

When I was researching donut stores in North America for this book, I kept finding the crazy or combination of maple and bacon. It was funny how so many places claimed it as their signature donut. The flavor was sweet and savory and smoky because of the bacon. It really was fantastic! I hope you open your taste buds to a new flavor and try my Maple Bacon Bars (page 184) in the Specialty chapter.

Also, look beyond breakfast time and try some of the mini-donuts for parties, showers or special events. A nice white cake donut with a simple sugar glaze sprinkled with an array of toppings may just fit the bill."



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What could be better than homemade donuts?

Topped with a chocolate glaze or simply rolled in cinnamon, fresh homemade donuts are impossible to resist. Whatever your preference — the fluffy...

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