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Marry Me Toffee
Seeking a truly unique Christmas gift? 'I have made several hundred batches of this mouthwatering toffee for people all over the country, and almost everyone agrees that it is one of the most delicious and addictive candies they have ever tasted. This buttery, chocolate-topped candy is... More »
The Sensation that is Babycakes!
The cupcake trend has swept the nation. From specialty stores in every city to a Food Network competition, there’s no denying our taste for these adorable, individual sweet treats. Now with the Babycakes Cupcake Maker, the home cook can get in on the fun too. Endless variations of cakes and... More »
The stand mixer = the ultimate baking appliance!
Because of their versatility, the stand mixer is perhaps the most integral piece of culinary equipment I own.If you already own a stand mixer, congratulations! If you are thinking about buying a stand mixer or upgrading to a more powerful model, there are some important issues to consider: What are... More »
White Chocolate Medallions (vegan)
We always make chocolate medallions for the holiday season. They’re so easy to prepare and so delicious, it would be a shame to do without them. Here is a pretty white chocolate version topped with cranberries, caramelized almonds and coconut, perfect for your next cookie exchange! More »
Ginger Snaps
Author Donna Washburn traditionally serves these cookies at Christmas, but we say enjoy them anytime! They're perfect for cookie exchanges. More »
Mom's Fancy Pressed Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread originated in Scotland, where it was originally served during the Christmas season. "Short" means crumbly, which refers to its characteristic texture. Use the holiday design you prefer in your cookie press ~ star, bell, tree, wreath or whatever you have ~ all work well. More »
How to Decorate: Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cookies
Everything you need to make your very own Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer cookies...including recipes (below) and step-by-step photos (in the low resolution PDF attachment)...It's time to round up the kids and get decorating! Julie Anne’s Classic Vanilla-Orange Sugar Cookies Makes 24 to 40... More »
6 Tips for Hosting a Great Cookie Exchange
As the holidays approach, many of us are already smiling in anticipation of the delicious Christmas baking. Often, though, our enthusiasm for cookies, squares and other treats collides head on with our time-crunched schedules. Who has time to bake a variety of treats for the holiday season? So... More »
Snowflake Cookies
These pretty snowflake-shaped cookies are perfect to bake on a cold, blustery or snowy winter day. They are gorgeous - and perfect for your next 'cookie swap'! More »
Gingerbread People
Don't just limit these to the festive season. With different cookie-cutter shapes and decorations, you can make them a year-round treat! Have the kids decorate their own. More »
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