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Roasted Summer Fruit (perfect for toddlers)
This recipe works for virtually any fruit and can be served with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although roasting fruit does demand a wee bit of work, the return is worth it. The caramelization of natural sugars created by roasting is tough to duplicate. Try it once and we promise you’ll do it over... More »
Pink Chantilly with Cranberries
Filled with antioxidants and loaded with vitamin C, cranberries are very healthful. However, we hear so much about their health benefits that we sometimes forget how truly delicious they can be. What a fresh and delicious summer treat! More »
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Squares
Incredibly delicious and absolutely perfect any time of year! These will be the hit of a bridal shower, a backyard party or a weeknight family dessert. More »
Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts
With dried fruit, these tarts — usually reserved for summer — can be enjoyed any time of year. For extra decadence, spoon a little custard into the bottom of the tarts before adding the fruit filling. More »
Raspberry Angel Trifle
This delicious cake is sure to become a tradition for special occasions such as Mother's Day or any holiday. It makes a divine summer gathering treat! More »
Chocolate Raspberry Torte
God made chocolate and the devil threw the calories in! This tastes as good as it looks. Perfect for a summer gathering or any special occasion. More »
Strawberry Cream Cake
Nothing is more seductive than crimson strawberries, cold whipped cream and buttery lemon cake. For us, this perfect dessert beats out shortcake hands down as the ultimate strawberry creation. It's the ideal summer dessert! More »
Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake
An old-fashioned, simple dessert that everyone in the family will enjoy. And as a bonus, strawberries are loaded with nutrients! More »
Cold Strawberry Orange Soup
This recipe is a real winner — quick, easy and delicious. As a summer dessert that virtually everyone (even those who are watching their waistlines) can enjoy, it is perfect. And it is so satisfying that no one will think it’s a “light” dessert. More »
Mixed Berry Buttermilk Bundt
The charm of this cake is obvious: it takes sweet summer berries, encloses them in a tangy buttermilk batter and then heads to the oven, where everything good about them becomes even better upon baking. It's perfect for a summer gathering, baby or bridal shower, or weeknight dessert. More »
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