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How to Decorate a Valentine's Day Cake
These fat pink rosettes make for a perfect Valentine's Day cake, and the subtle shift in hue adds to its beauty.Want to see how to make the rosettes plus the decorated cake? Click the link below for full color, step-by-step photos and instructions...  More »
Chocolate Brownies (dairy-free friendly)
No one will ever guess that these moist, rich and delicious brownies are made with whole-grain flour! When they’re made with freshly milled Ezekiel flour, this dessert provides complete protein—wrapped in chocolate. What more could you ask for from a Valentine's Day treat? More »
Dark Chocolate & Orange Potato Cheesecake
Want to treat your loved ones to something truly decadent this Valentine's Day? Rich, dark and chocolatey, this splendid vegetarian cheesecake boasts bittersweet chocolate in the filling and a base of chocolate cookie crumbs. More »
Strawberry Coconut Mousse
This pretty-in-pink, perfect-for-Valentine's-Day dessert is sweet with ripe strawberries and enriched with both coconut milk and coconut oil. With its juicy fruit, luxurious texture and delicate hue, it will please any dessert lover. More »
Red Valentine Heart Donuts
Make these red 'love donuts' for your special Valentine. Perfect for all ages! More »
Strawberry Cream Cake
Nothing is more seductive than crimson strawberries, cold whipped cream and buttery lemon cake. For us, this perfect dessert beats out shortcake hands down as the ultimate strawberry creation. It's the ideal Valentine's Day dessert! More »
Pink Lemonade Cupcakes
Perfect for Valentine's Day, a baby or bridal shower, a gals night or a kiddie party, these cupcakes will bring back memories of summertime, lemonade stands and gloriously carefree days... More »
Say It With L-O-V-E
These colorful cookies are a great example of how you can turn a basic rectangle into a spectacular decorated treat. They are perfect for Valentine's Day, baby and bridal showers, or for any special occasion when you want to send those you love an extra-special message. Click on the below link... More »
Chocolate Pudding Cake
Here’s a warm dessert with a fudgy cake layer on the top and a rich chocolate sauce on the bottom that’s a treat for kids and grown-ups alike. So easy to make and perfect as a Valentine's Day treat! More »
Marry Me Toffee
Seeking a truly unique Valentine's Day gift? 'I have made several hundred batches of this mouthwatering toffee for people all over the country, and almost everyone agrees that it is one of the most delicious and addictive candies they have ever tasted. This buttery, chocolate-topped candy is... More »
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