Canning & Preserving

Black Garlic
Black garlic is a rare commodity, and when one manages to find some, it costs a fortune. However, it is very inexpensive to make and not very complicated. More »
Pickled Roasted Red Peppers
These versatile peppers can be used in spaghetti sauce, as a sandwich filling, to garnish a salad, to add a twist to an antipasto platter or as a gourmet pizza topping. More »
Tomato Apple Chipotle Chutney
The aroma while this chutney is cooking is amazing! Author of 250 Home Preserving Favorites, Yvonne Tremblay, uses chipotle peppers, which give it an interesting smoked flavor. More »
Flourless Chocolate Cake
There are a variety of foods you can prepare and enjoy while minimizing adverse gastrointestinal symptoms. Including chocolate cake! More »
Carrot Apple Butter
This yummy carrot apple butter has just a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. A wonderful combination for an Easter brunch. More »
Chile & Tomato Chutney (vegan)
Too many things in the oven? Use your slow cooker instead! Serve this fiery chutney with any curry and rice dish that might welcome a hit of spice. More »
Tomato and Olive Antipasto
With jars of this antipasto in your pantry, you can have appetizers ready in mere minutes. The tangy, savory flavors are a delight on their own or when served with rich cheeses or cured meats. More »
Home Preserving Gift-Giving Ideas
Gifts of preserves are wonderful to give and to receive. Fun combinations of savory preserves wrapped in clever packaging are certain to thrill any recipient, and you'll know you're giving a gift made with love. Be sure to label each jar with the contents, your name (it's nice for people to know... More »
Pina Colada Jam
This delicious jam speaks for itself. It’s got all the flavors of the classic cocktail, but is socially acceptable to eat for breakfast. The chunky texture, full of chewy coconut, also makes it a pretty choice for a dessert component — on ice cream, between cake layers, stirred into mascarpone...... More »
Bumbleberry Jam
Bumbleberry, or jumbleberry, is a mix of berries and other fruits, such as rhubarb or apples. Wonderful in pies and crisps, it’s also a great jam combo. More »
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