Cooking with Small Appliances

Hot, Hot, Hot Tomato Salsa
As the name says, this salsa has lots of heat: slow, deep heat from the dried chile peppers and fresh, zingy heat from two varieties of fresh hot peppers. Be sure to label this with flames when storing and serving it so you don't get it confused - it's not for the meek. More »
Peacharita Jam
A peachy twist on a classic cocktail creates a fun and fanciful jam! More »
Apricot Butter
We could go on and on about how glorious this butter is. Apricots are one of our very favorite fruits, and there’s something about them in this silky guise that’s extra-special. More »
Peach Passion Fruit Jam
This is a beautiful — bright orange flecked with little black orbs, which crunch delightfully. If you are not a fan of crunch, however, feel free to remove the seeds by straining the passion fruit pulp before combining it with the other ingredients. More »
Pear Lime Jam
Light and refreshing, pear and lime make an enchanting jam. More »
Chile & Tomato Chutney (vegan)
Too many things in the oven? Use your slow cooker instead! Serve this fiery chutney with any curry and rice dish that might welcome a hit of spice. More »
Sour Cherry Lemonade Concentrate
This syrup is a boon to have on hand in the pantry on a hot summer’s day. If you’re on your own, add a few tablespoons to a glass of ice water, then refrigerate the rest for the next time you get thirsty. If you’re serving a crowd, pour the whole jar into a big pitcher and dilute to taste. For a... More »
Kosher-Style Dill Pickles
There are many opinions on what makes a perfect kosher dill pickle, but the basic consensus is a tangy, flavorful and crunchy pickle. This version satisfies all of those criteria. More »
Apple Rum Raisin Conserve
Simply delicious — a perfect blend of complementary tastes! Toast the nuts, if desired, before adding them. More »
Bumbleberry Jam
Bumbleberry, or jumbleberry, is a mix of berries and other fruits, such as rhubarb or apples. Wonderful in pies and crisps, it’s also a great jam combo. More »
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