Cooking with Small Appliances

Summer Fun (Babycakes Cake Pop Maker)
Summer fun means watermelon time. Set the table with this fun centerpiece, then serve the little watermelon cake pops for dessert, alongside the real thing! More »
Traditional Coleslaw (vegan)
There is nothing fancy about this coleslaw - it's the kind our mothers used to make. Here we've added some caraway seeds to bump up the flavor and made a jalapeño pepper an option for those who like a bit of heat. More »
Classic Twice-Baked Jacket Potato
Many ingredients work well as the filling, such as shrimp and cilantro, mushrooms and Gruyère, baked beans and bacon. Serve these with just a bit of butter and, some would say, sour cream. The number of servings depends on whether the diners consume a whole potato or a half (they are quite... More »
Caesar Burgers
What can we say? This is a burger above reproach. More »
Escalivada with Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette
Escalivada refers to roasted vegetables in Spain where an oven-roasted version of this dish is a very popular tapas item. Grilling the eggplant, peppers and zucchini gives them additional appeal. It’s wonderful with lots of crusty bread to mop up the juices. Slide a couple of water-soaked... More »
Honey-Basted Asian-Style Ribs
Have the BBQ all fired up for the long weekend? Delicious and meaty, country-style ribs are great grilled with a lick of fire to caramelize the meat, then slow-cooked until fork-tender. The Hoisin Chili Marinade is a stand-out recipe that can be used on any cut of poultry or pork. More »
Buffalo-Style Hot Wings
These are HOT! As with true Buffalo chicken wings, serve these with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks to help cut the heat. The combination can be addictive. It’s great party food, especially when you’re entertaining friends this long weekend! More »
White Beans with Orzo and Feta (vegetarian)
This is a quintessential Mediterranean combination — simple vegetarian fare that’s both healthy and hearty. It’s perfect for a long weekend, a potluck buffet, a bridal shower, or a simple (and healthy) weeknight supper. The oil-cured black olives add a real punch of flavor. More »
Iced Mocha Syllabub
For coffee lovers, this is the ultimate treat with a punch. Perfect for chilling down on a hot summer day! More »
Red Berry Ice Pops
Raspberries and red currants share the limelight in these red and fruity, satisfyingly tart ice pops. The perfect summertime treat! More »
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