Cooking with Small Appliances

S’mores Cups (nut-free, soy-free, vegan)
Remember when you went camping as a kid? One of the highlights for Rebecca Coleman, author of Aquafabulous!, was the gooey warmth of a marshmallow toasted on a stick. It was even better if you sandwiched it between two graham crackers with some chocolate. This is a slightly more grown-up version of... More »
Delicious (and easy) party dips!
Are you holding a party or having friends over this long weekend? Need help figuring out what to serve?Well, Judith Finlayson & George Geary can help with a couple of delicious and easy dips created with your handy food processor and  650 Best Food Processor Recipes…  Old World Salsa... More »
White Beans with Orzo and Feta (vegetarian)
This is a quintessential Mediterranean combination — simple vegetarian fare that’s both healthy and hearty. It’s perfect for a long weekend, a potluck buffet, a bridal shower, or a simple (and healthy) weeknight supper. The oil-cured black olives add a real punch of flavor. More »
Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini
Simple, elegant and delicious, these crostini get any party or long weekend off to an excellent start. More »
Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Dip
If you have the ingredients on hand, this tasty dip can be ready to serve in about 5 minutes. Serve it with crudités, crackers or pumpernickel rounds for an elegant long weekend appetizer. Vegetarian friendly! More »
Old World Salsa
This salsa is a favorite to serve any time of year. It's perfect for the long weekend. The gang will eat it up in no time! Vegan friendly. More »
Veggie Kabobs
Perfect for the long weekend, these kabobs are equally delicious served hot or at room temperature. More »
Madras Chicken Skewers
Marinate the chicken overnight, and you're good to go the next day! Serve with rice, warm pita or naan. What a delightful long weekend treat! More »
Buffalo-Style Hot Wings
These are HOT! As with true Buffalo chicken wings, serve these with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks to help cut the heat. The combination can be addictive. It’s great party food, especially when you’re entertaining friends this long weekend! More »
Frozen Banana Daiquiri
Is there anything better than being treated to a tasty frozen cocktail on a long weekend? We think not... More »
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