Cooking with Small Appliances

Do-It-Yourself Food Dehydration
The origins of food drying predate recorded history. It is not hard to imagine primitive humans finding dried berries clinging to vines long after fresh berries had disappeared. These sweet, nutritious, sun-dried berries would have been a welcome food source during times of the year when other food... More »
Gluten-Free, Vegan Vichyssoise with Celery Root and Watercress
This refreshing and rejuvenating soup is delicious, easy to make, and more nutritious than traditional vichyssoise. We aim to have leftovers in the refrigerator and treat ourselves to a small bowl for a yummy afternoon snack! More »
Coarse Brown Mustard
Why purchase prepared mustard when you can make it yourself? It's quick and easy, and you'll know exactly what's in it. More »
Tarragon Pickle Relish
Grilled hot dogs and sausages taste better with this homemade relish. It works on burgers as well. The best's so easy to make! More »
Golden Chicken with Potatoes and Chickpeas
Two colorful and aromatic spices combine in this beautiful dish for tastes fit for a sultan. Chickpeas and potatoes give substance to the tagine, which carries the meal. More »
Easy and healthy slow cooker recipes!
On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, it’s extremely gratifying to be writing an introduction to this revised edition of my first book The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes. The book has been extraordinarily successful, selling about 400,000 copies and garnering many favorable comments from... More »
Back to School/Work Contest
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, mornings are hectic for most people, especially families with children. So how do you cope with hunger pangs at breakfast time? If you’re like most people, you have to rush through the meal, gobble down whatever’s handy in the... More »
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