Cooking with Small Appliances

Sparkling Pineapple Mango Refresher
Serve as a virgin cocktail before dinner or enjoy this refreshing drink any time of the day. Packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamin C and potassium, this smoothie does a body good. More »
Cucumber Aloe Watermelon Juice
Aloe vera isn’t just for soothing burns — it’s also a powerful digestive aid. Try it in this light and refreshing gluten-free juice. More »
Pecan and Beet Burgers (vegan)
When you want satisfying burgers without beef, these are the perfect choice. The pecans give them an almost meaty texture and richness, and the beets add chewy sweetness and tint them a familiar beefy red. You’ll hardly even notice the creamy tofu holding it all together once you slap them in a bun... More »
Nippy Oyster and Bacon Dip + Crispy Potato Wedges
This rich, creamy dip is very versatile. Spoon into a serving bowl and surround with a big platter of vegetables for dipping, such as blanched broccoli, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts, or crispy potato wedges (see Tip). If simplicity is the order of the day, open a bag of potato chips. Either way... More »
Gluten-Free Santorini-Style Fava Spread
Serve this with warm gluten‑free flatbread, plain brown rice crackers or celery sticks at your holiday party and wait for the compliments. More »
Hot Cranberry Sipper
The perfect beverage for when friends drop by this winter. It's so easy to make in your slow cooker! More »
Barbecued Caesar
You can further garnish this unusual take on a Caesar — the brunch drink favored by Canadians — by replacing the celery with a skewered cooked shrimp, or skewer a cocktail onion, a folded slice of salami and a pimento-stuffed olive. More »
Nippy Cheddar Rabbit
Made with beer, this adult version of Welsh rarebit is a great nibbler for your guests. Set out fondue forks and a plate of toasted bread cubes so they can dip the bread in the cheese, and make sure they have napkins or plates to catch any dripping sauce. More »
Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini
Simple, elegant and delicious, these crostini get any party or holiday meal to an excellent start. More »
Twisted Butterfly Shrimp
Twisting two halves of shrimp creates an interesting presentation. Although an important aspect of cooking is creating food that tastes wonderful, it is important that it looks great, too. Serve with a classic cocktail sauce and you'll have the perfect party appetizer. More »
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