Cooking with Small Appliances

One of the most important parts of bread baking is the proofing process, which you can do in an Instant Pot using the Yogurt function. The dough rises in less time than usual, making a flatbread like naan something you can pull off even on a weeknight. Searing the naan with ghee in a super-hot pan... More »
Matar with Feta (vegetarian, gluten-free)
Traditional matar paneer—or peas and cheese, as we called it growing up—has a dark, rich tomato gravy and cubes of paneer amid a bowl of stewed peas. Think of this dish as traditional matar paneer’s cousin who spent a summer backpacking through Greece. More »
Creamy Beef Stroganoff
Some dishes withstand the test of time, and this classic combination of beef, onions, mushrooms and sour cream coalesced into a rich and chunky gravy served over wide noodles is certainly one of them. You can make it fast or slow; either way, the result is mouthwatering goodness. More »
Salsa Lime Chicken Rollups
These delicate chicken rollups have just the right amount of zesty salsa and lime to make them delightful, but when wrapped around melted mozzarella, they truly rise to new heights. More »
Root Vegetable Ratatouille
Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal dish that is commonly served as a light summertime dish. But with something so delicious, why stop there? With this easy to make version, you can continue to make this delightful dish all year long with fresh root vegetables. More »
Lemon Mousse with Mixed Berries
This creamy mousse is made with a delightful pairing of lemon curd and yogurt and then topped with fresh berries and a hint of chocolate for a sweet and tart summer dessert. You will need to plan ahead, because the lemon curd needs to chill for 8 hours, but it can be made ahead and kept in the... More »
Colombian Vegetable Soup
Soup is very popular in Colombia, and this is one of the most famous soups from the mountainous regions of the country. Think of it as a vegetable soup with a kick! More »
Mediterranean Lentil Salad
While we like to serve this divine lentil salad as a side dish, it would definitely work as a main course for vegetarians and anyone looking for a new idea for meatless Mondays. More »
Crustless Bacon Broccoli Quiche (Instant Pot)
Simple, elegant, colorful and sure to be a family favorite, this quiche is quickly ready for breakfast or lunch. Serve it with a side of fruit for breakfast or a side salad for lunch and feel like you have been transported to a Parisian bistro. More »
Curried Butternut Squash and Chestnut Soup
This soup is delicious, but very rich; a little goes a long way. Serve small bowls as the first course of a special holiday dinner or make it a cold-weather treat. Like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, it’s an ideal antidote to a fall or winter freeze. Ladle hot soup into mugs and hand them to... More »
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