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Peach Saketini
Whether relaxing at home or hosting a party, your special occasion will sparkle with fabulous (and easy) blender cocktail recipes! Ideal for entertaining and New Year's Eve parties! More »
Frozen Banana Daiquiri
Is there anything better than being treated to a tasty frozen cocktail at New Years? We think not... More »
Bloody Mary Slushy
Perfect for the long weekend, the bloody Mary is a cocktail that often seems to become a meal, with garnishes that tower over the glass. This slushy version is a refreshing summer drink with a more savory flavor profile than the usual frozen cocktail. Garnish as you will with speared chunks of... More »
The perfect beverage for a chilly winter's day! Warm up with one this holiday! More »
Tips on pairing wines with spices...
MUCH HAS BEEN written on the principles of matching wine and food, and although the principles of matching are universally agreed upon, when it comes to spices there is often a misconception that wine does not go with spicy food and that the most appropriate beverage to accompany spicy meals is... More »
Eggnog Supreme
This is a Best of Bridge Christmas tradition. It's perfect for holiday parties! More »
Seeking a gift for the beer lover in your life?
"The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer." ~Ancient Egyptian WisdomNow, which would you rather give/receive as a gift ~ a fabulous beer book or another pair of socks?Beer has been around for thousands of years, actually as long as we've had civilization. Ancient Egyptians loved it.... More »
Squash Special Smoothie
Nothing beats drinking your veggies ~ especially when they're in a smoothie! Pat Crocker, author of The Smoothies Bible, has created a wonderful perfect-for-Halloween recipe for a Squash Smoothie... More »
Blender Breakfast
A quick nutritious drink, loaded with the delicious flavours of summer (use frozen berries during colder seasons). Perfect for both kids and adults, and terrific any time of day any time of year - especially those chaotic, 'can anything else go wrong' mornings! More »
Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
We tried a version of this on a winter trip to New York — it’s like a melted peanut butter cup in your mug. Serve warm, topped with marshmallows or a dollop of whipped cream, if you like! More »
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