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S’mores Cake
No campfire necessary! Wherever you are this summer, you can create your own fun with Camilla Saulsbury's cake version of S’mores! It’s near impossible to go wrong with the classic campfire trinity of graham crackers (here, stirred right into the cake batter), marshmallows and chocolate, and this... More »
Summer Fun (Babycakes Cake Pop Maker)
Summer fun means watermelon time. Set the table with this fun centerpiece, then serve the little watermelon cake pops for dessert, alongside the real thing! More »
Beach Party Gravity Cake
Celebrate summer by creating a beach ball and towel out of fondant with this fun and easy design!Simply click on the links below to view full-color, detailed, step-by-step photographs and instructions on how to make your very own Beach Party Gravity Cake... Find more fabulous cake ideas in... More »
Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches
Summertime is the perfect time for some good old fashioned chilling! What better way to celebrate the long weekend and time with the ones you love than to offer you a recipe (for all ages) that does exactly that...  Alison Lewis' Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich (Chilling)  from 400 Best... More »
Traditional Coleslaw (vegan)
There is nothing fancy about this coleslaw - it's the kind our mothers used to make. Here we've added some caraway seeds to bump up the flavor and made a jalapeño pepper an option for those who like a bit of heat. More »
Classic Twice-Baked Jacket Potato
Many ingredients work well as the filling, such as shrimp and cilantro, mushrooms and Gruyère, baked beans and bacon. Serve these with just a bit of butter and, some would say, sour cream. The number of servings depends on whether the diners consume a whole potato or a half (they are quite... More »
Caesar Burgers
What can we say? This is a burger above reproach. More »
Watermelon and Feta Salad
Watermelons with seeds seem to have more flavor, so that’s the type George Geary, author of 350 Best Salads & Dressings chooses. The watermelon makes this salad so juicy and delicious it doesn’t need any dressing. More »
Catalonian Grilled Vegetable Salad (Escalivada)
Perfect for the long weekend, this grilled vegetable salad is a specialty of Catalonia. The name escalivada means “to cook in ashes,” so for the most authentic smoky flavor, roast the vegetables on a barbecue. Vegan and gluten-free friendly. More »
Pickled Three-Bean Salad
In some circles, it is practically a tradition to have three-bean salad as part of a pot luck spread. This staple has a robust flavor that is unique. Having some on hand allows for easy preparation for any weeknight meal, long weekend or party! More »
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