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Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers (gluten-free)
This entrée is absolutely delightful when you use vegetables pulled fresh from the garden. If you don't have your own garden, simply head over to your local farmers market! More »
Smoky Chipotle Quinoa Burgers
Carnivores and vegetarians will be equally delighted with these “meaty” quinoa burgers. They get their smokiness from chipotle chile powder and smoked Gouda, but you could increase it with some barbecue sauce spread on the buns. More »
Fluffy Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes (gluten-free)
Cottage cheese in the batter makes these lemony pancakes light and fluffy, with a flavor reminiscent of cheesecake! Chia seeds give them a cheerful polka-dotted appearance and a subtle crunch. More »
Sun-Dried Tomato Cornbread (gluten-free)
Serve this moist savory cornbread, flavored with salty bursts of sun-dried tomatoes, with salad for a delicious lunch or wrap a few slices up for lunch or your next hiking or camping trip. More »
Berry Corn Breakfast Muffins (gluten-free)
These tender, not-too-sweet muffins, which echo the clean corn flavor of polenta, are delicious alongside a steamed latte or a cup of Darjeeling - or all on their own. More »
Peach Sponge Pudding (gluten-free)
This self-saucing, soufflé-like pudding is just enough for three! More »
Churros with Cinnamon Sugar (vegan, gluten-free)
Churros and hot chocolate make a fabulous combination! Perfect all year long. More »
Gluten-Free Baked Blueberry Banana Porridge
Despite the newfangled, grain-free combination of ingredients, this baked porridge has plenty of old-fashioned comfort-food appeal and is delicious all year long. More »
Gluten-Free Triple Threat Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies
Triple the pleasure, triple the fun — but who’s counting calories? These fudgey morsels are worth every bite! And, the best part? They're gluten-free! More »
GF Quinoa and Vegetable Summer Rolls
Summer rolls are quintessential Asian appetizers: easy to eat out of hand and perfect for pairing with a variety of beverages. Here, they get a spa makeover with vibrant vegetables and nutty quinoa as the filling. Lime juice, garlic and hot pepper flakes add great kick to the dipping sauce. More »
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