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Rose Water Lotion
Rose water has such a lovely, old fashioned aroma. It’s especially nice in this effective hand moisturizer, which is perfect for gift-giving. More »
What are the Key Essential Oils in Aromatherapy?
Know someone who loves aromatherapy but aren't sure what to get them?"It is commonly believed that blending essential oils is about synergy, or working together. The theory behind blending is that the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. If you blend three or four essential oils... More »
Shea Butter Ointment for Cracked Heels
Cracked skin on your heels can really hurt, and it can be hard to repair. But if you apply a generous amount of this ointment, then cover your feet with cotton socks overnight, you’ll soon see amazing results. What a great gift for someone you love! More »
Potato Eye Poultice
 Potato Eye PoulticeBrighten up dark circles with this super-easy, all-natural beauty treatment!It's gentle on skin and easy on the budget too. It's the perfect gift for the DIY'er in your life!Simply click the below link to access the recipe and full color photos... Find more natural... More »
Give Yourself Something to Smile About!
 We suggest passing up that anti-wrinkle cream that costs more than you make in a month. Most creams only have an effect on the skin’s surface. Instead, get yourself (or your best bud) something can do for yourself that will have a real and long-lasting effect. Something that will make you... More »
Seeking a gift for the beer lover in your life?
"The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer." ~Ancient Egyptian WisdomNow, which would you rather give/receive as a gift ~ a fabulous beer book or another pair of socks?Beer has been around for thousands of years, actually as long as we've had civilization. Ancient Egyptians loved it.... More »
Cookbooks are the perfect gift for the foodie in your life!
Wondering what to give your foodie friends and relatives this holiday season? How about a brand-new cookbook wrapped in a wonderfully decorative tea towel? You can even throw in a spatula, a set of knives or a whisk as an extra treat! No wrapping to throw away, and every part of your gift... More »
Advantages of a Toaster Oven
The toaster oven has come a long way from being a glorified toaster that simply toasts bagels and open-face cheese sandwiches to an appliance that cooks everything from a roast chicken to muffins and casseroles—dishes that have traditionally been prepared only in a standard-sized oven. Author of... More »
Top 7 Kitchen Tools Beginning with the Letter 'S'
Top 7 Kitchen Tools Beginning with the Letter 'S' (why? because we can...)Plus, these make perfect Christmas gifts!1. SCISSORS: Are two blades better than one? For a lot of chores, scissors are faster and easier than knives. More, much more, on this later. [Guess, you'd better buy the book for more... More »
The Sensation that is Babycakes!
The cupcake trend has swept the nation. From specialty stores in every city to a Food Network competition, there’s no denying our taste for these adorable, individual sweet treats. Now with the Babycakes Cupcake Maker, the home cook can get in on the fun too. Endless variations of cakes and... More »
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