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Curried Vegetables with Tofu (vegan)
If you’re looking for a healthy and flavorful springtime meal for family and friends, serve this dish over hot fluffy jasmine or basmati rice. More »
Sweet and Tangy Soup with Pineapple, Tamarind and Shrimp
The ingredient list for this soup is a bit long, but everything comes together quickly. With rice and a simple salad, you’ve got a wonderful spring meal! More »
Lemony Risotto with Shrimp
We love the refreshing burst of lemon in this dish, and it's a fantastic recipe to make when fresh corn is in season. Vibrant pink shrimp make it a colorful dish for entertaining. Serve with a mixed green salad for an easy, breezy spring dinner. More »
Airplane Napkin Fold (kid-fav)
Knowing how to execute a perfect napkin fold is not a skill everyone has, but it’s one you can easily and quickly teach yourself — with Denise’s help, of course! Napkin folds immediately bring a touch of elegance, whimsy or retro style to your table. And they take your table setting to the next... More »
E-Z Popcorn Balls
A fabulous 'bonding' experience any time of year! Perfect for March Break entertaining and snacking ~ kids (and adults) just can't get enough of this one! More »
Fun with Food this March Break!
 Seeking some fun ‘kids stuff’ ideas this March Break? Author of 12,167 Kitchen and Cooking Secrets, Susan Sampson has some fabulously fun ideas:    Fill a cash register with M&Ms or Smarties and jelly beans; the kids will have fun ringing in sales to pop open the drawer. They... More »
Ham and Cheese Egg Puffs
Ideal for March Break, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these egg puffs are something extra special - and super-easy to make! More »
GF Banana Pecan Waffles
Wondering what to make the gang for breakfast? Here is a delicious gluten-free recipe that the whole family can enjoy this March Break! More »
Bake Up Some Memories With Your Kids This March Break!
When you bake with your children, you're doing more than helping them make treats they love. You're teaching valuable reading skills with every recipe. They're learning about math skills such as addition and measurement. Baking even encourages teamwork and teaches children about the "science of... More »
Pizza Fondue (kid-fav)
'This fondue was a big hit with my teenage sons and their girlfriends last March Break — they especially liked the addition of some different dippers to the cheese fondue experience.' ~Ilanna Simon More »
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