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S’mores Cake
No campfire necessary! Wherever you are this long weekend, you can create your own fun with Camilla Saulsbury's cake version of S’mores! It’s near impossible to go wrong with the classic campfire trinity of graham crackers (here, stirred right into the cake batter), marshmallows and chocolate, and... More »
Julia Aitken's Top Twenty Tips for Entertaining
It's that time of year again! Time for long weekends, parties and entertaining! Unsure how to throw the perfect party? Food/lifestyle/decor expert Julia Aitken can help out with her top twenty tips for entertaining from her fabulous book 125 Best Entertaining Recipes:1.   ... More »
Savory Herb Cheesecake
Fresh herbs bring out the best flavor in this savory cheesecake. This is a wonderful addition to your Easter meal, any bridal shower, or long weekend gathering! More »
Rocky Road Brownies
These are perfect anytime of year, make a wonderful snack, and are an ideal long weekend treat. More »
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Cookies
Kids enjoy making cookies that contain their favorite ingredients. These cookies are relatively quick and easy (and perfect for the long weekend as they're so easy to transport) to make so kids (and adults) can quickly arrive at the best part ~ tasting. More »
Salmon with Brazilian Spice
Tuna, swordfish or halibut can be substituted for the salmon, as they all have the depth of flavor required to stand up to the personality of this spicy rub. More »
Red Snapper & Vegetables
When you cold-smoke snapper and vegetables, the food stays its natural fresh color while still taking on the smoky flavor. More »
How to Debone a Chicken Breast
You may grill your own meat, but do you bone it? Did you know that the more work that's been done to the bird at the butcher, the more expensive the meat is?If you want to save yourself some money but still want a boneless breast, Jeffrey Elliot, author of Complete Book of Knife Skills, offers step... More »
Indoor Grill Tuna Melts
A family favorite is made even better when grilled. English muffins make this sandwich king. Tuna melts make an easy lunch or, paired with soup, a midweek supper. More »
Indoor Grilling 101
Author of 125 Best Indoor Grilling Recipes, Ilana Simon, believes everyone (whether you're a vegetarian or a steak lover) loves a good barbecue. That smoky, seared flavor derived from barbecuing is synonymous with summer, carefree cuisine and great grilled gastronomy. Now, there’s a new kid on the... More »
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