Entertaining, Holidays & Special Occasions

Dark Chocolate & Orange Potato Cheesecake
Want to treat your dad to something truly decadent this year? Rich, dark and chocolatey, this splendid vegetarian cheesecake boasts bittersweet chocolate in the filling and a base of chocolate cookie crumbs. More »
A "Grand" Cake
A grand cake for a grand celebration! This delectable treat will definitely make Father's Day special. More »
Hummingbird Cake
This rich, moist layer cake resembles a dressed-up carrot cake. It's thought to have originated in the southern United States - but no twitters on how it got its name. Small slices will suffice, so it's perfect for a large summer gathering. Your dad will love it this Father's Day! More »
Chocolate Raspberry Torte
God made chocolate and the devil threw the calories in! This tastes as good as it looks. Perfect for Father's Day or any special occasion. More »
Luscious Raspberry Fudge Truffles
A longtime personal favorite, these “little bites of heaven” are worth the time it takes to make them. These would be perfect for Father's Day! More »
Say It With L-O-V-E
These colorful cookies are a great example of how you can turn a basic rectangle into a spectacular decorated treat. They are perfect for baby and bridal showers, the holidays, or for any special occasion when you want to send those you love an extra-special message. Click on the below link to... More »
Silky Chocolate Mousse (vegan)
This creamy and decadent dessert is made with only a few ingredients — it’s both simple and delicious. The perfect Father's Day treat! More »
Truffles (gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian)
These decadent truffles are a crowd-pleaser and perfect for Father's Day. More »
Fudge Drops
These yummy drops are crisp on the outside with a chewy middle. They have lots of chocolate, nuts and coconut throughout. Perfect any time of year, especially Father's Day! More »
Chocolate Pudding Cake
Here’s a warm dessert with a fudgy cake layer on the top and a rich chocolate sauce on the bottom that’s a treat for kids and grown-ups alike. So easy to make and perfect as a Father's Day treat! More »
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