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Pina Colada Jam
This delicious jam speaks for itself. It’s got all the flavors of the classic cocktail, but is socially acceptable to eat for breakfast. The chunky texture, full of chewy coconut, also makes it a pretty choice for a dessert component — on ice cream, between cake layers, stirred into mascarpone …... More »
Frozen Cappuccino
Summer is here! Keep cool with this frozen cappuccino. It is truly heavenly. More »
How to Homebrew your Own California Blonde
Seeking something new to do this summer? How about setting up your very own home-brewing system! May we suggest trying a:California Blonde Hoppy blonde ales are favorite summertime quaffs in West Coast brewpubs. There's something about that bite of the hop that makes you want to take another sip.... More »
Summertime Zucchini Pesto Lasagna (vegan)
In the summertime, zucchini and basil abound in backyard gardens and farmer’s markets. This magnificent dish stars two summertime favorites in this tasty lasagna. More »
Easy Decorating Tips for Bridal Showers
Looking for a little something extra to jazz up your bridal shower table? This Rosebud Napkin Fold is the perfect way to show your best friends how much you care... More »
Simple Bridal or Baby Shower Decorating
This soft, elegant fold is arranged in a wineglass; alternatively, you could pull the end of the fold through a napkin ring and lay it flat on a dinner plate.Use any fabric weight in any color or pattern you like, tailoring your choice to fit the occasion. I used a yellow patterned napkin. Iron... More »
Suffering from Insomnia?
Medical Background Insomnia is defined as having difficulty falling asleep or experiencing sleep that is not restful, regardless of its duration. Problems staying asleep and frequent waking may also be symptoms of insomnia. Lack of sleep can affect emotions, memory, motor skills, concentration, and... More »
Suffering from Stress? Find out with this Checklist
Many people suffer from chronic stress, but do not realize it. They assume their ill health is normal, part of a hectic 21st-century lifestyle. They fail to realize that the longer they live at this pace, ignoring the warning signs of chronic stress, the higher the chances they could have... More »
Braised Lamb Shanks with Lentils
A hearty meal of tender lamb and rich flavorful juices. Perfect for Easter. More »
Gluten-Free Marmalade-Glazed Pork Tenderloin
Try this as your Easter dinner — buy the tenderloin on the way home one night, marinate it overnight and bake or grill it the next. More »
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