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Pumpkin Soup with Shrimp and Lime
Although pumpkin is normally associated with Thanksgiving or Christmas pie, in many other cultures it is used more innovatively as a vegetable or in richly flavored sauces. This soup, which is delicious hot or cold, has its origins in both French provincial and Latin American cuisine. If pumpkin is... More »
Butternut Squash Soup with Nutmeg Cream
Perfect for fall! Ideal for a Thanksgiving appetizer. The flavor of freshly grated nutmeg in an unsweetened whipped cream makes a lovely complement to the sweet butternut squash soup. More »
Persian Rice-Stuffed Butternut Squash
Dried cherries, pistachios and ready-cooked rice make an easy, flavorful stuffing. Roasted butternut squash is the perfect cooking vessel, with extra-easy cleanup! Perfect for the holidays. More »
Vegetarian Golden Cauliflower with Split Peas
Perfect as a side dish at Thanksgiving, your next holiday gathering, or as a side on a busy weeknight! More »
Coconut-Braised Baby Bok Choy (gluten-free)
Staggeringly simple, and versatile enough to go with a broad range of dishes, this flavorful, vibrant side is destined to become one of your go-to holiday dishes. More »
Festive Brussels Sprouts (vegan)
This hearty, healthy dish dolls up Brussels sprouts with pearl onions, walnuts and cranberries. It is right at home on a Thanksgiving or holiday table, but you can treat yourself and prepare it for a family meal anytime. More »
Maple, Cranberry and Sausage-Stuffed Acorn Squash
Although delicious when made exactly as written, this autumnal squash dish has lots of room for personal interpretation. For example, use your preferred dried fruit (perhaps cherries or currants), try rosemary in place of thyme, and swap out the pecans with walnuts. It's a wonderful holiday side! More »
Cranberry Maple Squares
Enjoy a deliciously wonderful treat for the whole family all year long! These are perfect for Thanksgiving. More »
Festive Fall Napkin Fold
Napkin folds immediately bring a touch of elegance, whimsy or retro style to your table. And they take your table setting to the next level with no added expense — you’re just learning dozens of clever new ways to present the napkins you have. Like a handwritten thank-you note, napkin folds might... More »
Perfect Pumpkin Pie
If you like your pumpkin pies rich and silky (and who doesn't?), it will make a wonderful addition to your holiday feast. More »
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