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Caesar Salad
The king of tossed salads was named after a Tijuana restaurateur by the name of Caesar Cardini. Here, mayonnaise gives this classic salad an even creamier texture than the original. More »
Asparagus with Parmesan and Toasted Almonds
Seeking a deliciously easy side-dish? How about fresh asparagus tossed with crunchy almonds and melting Parmesan ~ it's every bit as pleasing as a buttery Hollandaise. More »
Short Ribs with Orange Gremolata
These delicious Italian-inspired ribs are classy enough for the most discriminating guest yet homey enough for a family dinner. Serve with creamy polenta and steamed broccoli spears or rapini for a scrumptious meal. More »
King Ranch Casserole
Many King Ranch casserole recipes call for ground beef, but we prefer leftover shredded beef brisket, which makes this dish heartier and more flavorful. Serve with black bean and corn salsa and a guacamole salad. And don't forget the frozen margaritas! More »
Chicken and Cherry Tomato Toss
This recipe is simply beautiful, and beautifully simple to cook. We keep fresh ginger, green onions and peeled garlic on hand and a chicken breast in the freezer. Serve with rice, couscous or noodles. So good and so good for you! More »
Ribs in Tablecloth Stainer Sauce
The colorful name of this sauce, which comes from the city of Oaxaca, in Mexico, is a literal translation from the Spanish. It is distinguished by the addition of fruit, such as pineapple and bananas, and you can vary the quantity of chiles to suit your taste. More »
Jamaican Fricassee Chicken (diabetes-friendly)
Fricassee chicken is another recipe that is typically cooked with the skin on, and the whole chicken is usually used. Avery Chin, a great Jamaican chef, shared this fantastic recipe with us, and we’ve reduced the fat by using skinless chicken thighs and drumsticks and by draining off the oil after... More »
Classic Twice-Baked Jacket Potato
Many ingredients work well as the filling, such as shrimp and cilantro, mushrooms and Gruyère, baked beans and bacon. Serve these with just a bit of butter and, some would say, sour cream. The number of servings depends on whether the diners consume a whole potato or a half (they are quite... More »
Whole-Grain Spaghetti with Bulgur-Laced Meatballs
Here’s an updated version of a great comfort food dish that maintains every bit of flavor while transitioning to healthier status. Substituting bulgur for some of the meat, using whole wheat rather than all-purpose flour to dredge the meatballs and serving the luscious sauce over whole-grain... More »
Green Papaya Salad
This sparkling tangle of shredded unripe papaya, juicy tomatoes, shallots and garlic is infused with an incendiary combination of lime juice, palm sugar and chiles. Known by its Laotian name, som tum, this rustic, intensely flavored dish is made from simple ingredients that epitomize the cuisine... More »
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