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Leek Risotto
Serve this simple risotto as an accompaniment to a meat course, such as plain roast chicken or grilled veal chops. When accompanied by a tossed green salad and some crusty rolls, it makes a wonderful springtime meal. More »
How to Decorate: Spring Umbrella and Raindrops Cookies
Spring showers and plump raindrops require a large and preferably fashionable umbrella to keep you dry. This chic design is perfect for beginners, requiring only some basic piping and flodding skills, but the impressive results will yield a downpour of compliments! Click on the below link to... More »
Spring Vegetable Pot Pies (vegan)
Celebrate the annual opening of your local farmer’s market with this pot pie made with the first vegetables of spring. Delectable potatoes, asparagus and edamame are baked in an herbed sauce topped with a flaky golden crust. Perfect for a springtime supper. More »
Barley Risotto with Asparagus and Lemon
Here, the bright flavors of lemon, basil and fresh asparagus play against the earthiness of barley and onions. This is an incredible dish, perfect for spring. More »
Chicken and Cherry Tomato Toss
This recipe is simply beautiful, and beautifully simple to cook. I keep fresh ginger, green onions and peeled garlic on hand and a chicken breast in the freezer. Serve with rice, couscous or noodles. So good and so good for you! More »
Linguine with Lemon and Mint
The combination of lemon and mint is common in southern Italy, a legacy of the Moorish occupation, says author of 250 True Italian Dishes, John Coletta. Today mint is not widely used in cooking, but it’s a shame to waste it on garnishing drinks and desserts. It has a fragrant, distinctive flavor... More »
Penne with Vegetables and Aromatic Herbs
John Coletta, author of 250 True Italian Pasta Dishes, says he "likes to think of this pasta as a hot vegetable salad." It's the perfect recipe for Mother's Day or a casual get-together this spring! More »
Big Cool Noodle Bowl with Roast Chicken, Cucumbers and Mint
This perfect-for-spring recipe is a pattern for innumerable delicious variations on the meal-in-a-bowl known in Vietnam as bun. You can compose a go-to version using ready-to-savor ingredients, such as chunks of rotisserie chicken, roast duck from an Asian market or tender slices of grilled flank... More »
Seafood Paella
The name "paella" comes from the wide, flat-bottomed pan paella is traditionally cooked and served in. If you don't have a paella pan, use the widest, flattest skillet you have. What a wonderful springtime dinner the whole family will love! More »
California Fish Tacos with Cucumber and Pineapple (extra simple pantry meal)
While pork, beef and chicken tacos are more familiar — and we’ve never met a meaty taco we didn’t like — why not give fish tacos, a popular favorite from Camilla Saulsbury's home state of California, a try? They are as easy as can be when made on a sheet pan, making them ideal for spring. More »
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