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Cheese and Garlic 
Monkey Bread
Savory monkey bread? Absolutely! A combination of butter, garlic and two kinds of cheese launches this easy pull-apart bread into a new stratosphere of deliciousness. More »
Black Garlic
Black garlic is a rare commodity, and when one manages to find some, it costs a fortune. However, it is very inexpensive to make and not very complicated. More »
Speedy Beef Stir-Fry with Chunky Vegetables
Make this dish when you want something healthy and hearty in a hurry. You’ll need to do a few tasks — chopping the garlic and ginger and slicing the meat — but the baby corn, water chestnuts and peas need no attention beyond measuring. With rice or noodles, it’s a lively one-dish meal, perfect for... More »
Tuscan White Bean Soup
The aroma of simmering garlic will draw you to this sublime creamy soup. It’s rich in nutrients that support bone and tooth health, healthy mood and energy production while reducing the risk for metabolic syndrome and diabetes. More »
Vegetarian Holy Mole Chili
With its notes of cumin, cinnamon and chocolate playing off the gentle spices, this meatless chili combines the best of a mole sauce and a Cincinnati-style chili. Its rich body makes it a seriously satisfying dinner any night of the week. More »
Vegan Gluten-Free Soba Noodles with Broccoli Sauce
This flavorful combination makes a great weeknight dinner. You can also serve smaller portions as a side dish. It is particularly enjoyable alongside miso-glazed tofu or fish. Yes, kids love it, too! More »
Grilled Carne Asada Tacos
Carne Asada is an intensely flavored meat that is very popular in Mexico. It is quick to marinate and easy to grill, and is perfect for gatherings. More »
Chicken Paprikash (diabetes-friendly)
Our revamped recipe uses less flour. Serve it over a bed of lentils and greens instead of the typical pasta or rice to keep carbs curbed even further. Who says you can't have healthy comfort food? More »
Seafood Paella
The name "paella" comes from the wide, flat-bottomed pan paella is traditionally cooked and served in. If you don't have a paella pan, use the widest, flattest skillet you have. What a wonderful dinner the whole family will love! More »
Sicilian Grill-Roasted Chicken
The sunny garlic-lemon-herb flavors of these juicy birds will have you crooning along with Dean Martin to “That’s Amore.” If you like, brush the chickens with olive oil and grill baby eggplant, pattypan squash and small tomatoes on the vine to round out the meal — and create a beautiful... More »
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