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Spicy Orange, Ginger and Sesame Watercress (raw & gluten-free)
This is a light side dish that is packed full of flavor and nutrition. Watercress is an underused product that has a very positive nutritional profile. Chef Doug McNish, author of Eat Raw, Eat Well, loves how the flavors of the sweet orange, spicy cayenne and slightly bitter sesame seeds play on... More »
Garden Paella (Casserole)
This delicious rice dish is not only pretty, but nutritiously chock-full of vegetables and other good things! It's ideal for spring. More »
Asparagus Three-Cheese Burritos with Tomato Sauce
The recipes in this book are designed to give you many ways to incorporate wholesome, healthy food and fresh herbs into your everyday meals. This one is perfect for busy weeknights. More »
Salmon and Veggies
Here's a colorful, kid-sized recipe that's packed with nutrition and is perfect for busy springtime weeknights! More »
Rainbow Lettuce Wraps ~ for Healing Fatty Liver Disease
Healthy eating with NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) can be an art, says Dr Maitreyi Raman, co-author of Healing Fatty Liver Disease. Its success depends on consistent lifestyle change involving diet and exercise. The authors of Healing Fatty Liver Disease have selected basic recipes from... More »
Crunchy Vegetable and Alfalfa Sprout Wraps
Get the spring back in your step by eating better! How about a healthy vegetarian wrap for lunch today? More »
Gluten-Free Persian Chicken and Quinoa Salad
Tired of chicken salad with mayonnaise and celery? Prepare to have your affection rekindled by this lively quinoa-enhanced version, studded with crunchy pistachios, plump dates and dried apricots, and emerald herbs. An ideal recipe to enjoy this spring! More »
10 Best Strategies for Healthy Eating
Lynn Roblin, nutrition editor and author of 500 Best Healthy Recipes, says most people realize that what they eat makes a difference to being healthy and looking and feeling well. But there is so much conflicting information about nutrition in the media that is it difficult to make informed choices... More »
Green Bean, Pecan and Pomegranate Salad (Vegan)
Fast, easy and great tasting, this salad can step in as an appetizer or side dish. Serve it with whole grains for a light lunch or as a delicious spring side dish. More »
It's time to think green (veggies, that is!)
Do You Want to Eat Well? Do you want to eat healthy foods? Do you want to simplify your life? You can. We tend to think of vegetarian cooking as a complex adventure. This book will prove the opposite. I’m a vegetarian. I follow my instincts. I like to eat well. And, perhaps like you, I’m a mother... More »
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