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Do-It-Yourself Food Dehydration
The origins of food drying predate recorded history. It is not hard to imagine primitive humans finding dried berries clinging to vines long after fresh berries had disappeared. These sweet, nutritious, sun-dried berries would have been a welcome food source during times of the year when other food... More »
Gluten-Free Soy-Free Golden Sesame Wafers
These wafers qualify as health food: sesame seeds provide calcium, omega-6 fats and antioxidants. These are ideal for a quick burst of energy during your next hike! More »
Blender Breakfast
A quick nutritious drink, loaded with the delicious flavours of summer (use frozen berries during cooler seasons). Perfect for both kids and adults, and terrific any time of day any time of year! More »
Fruit of Life
Are you a health-nut? Treat yourself to a deliciously refreshing smoothie this summer. Your body and taste buds will love it! More »
ABC Vegetable Juice
 Juicing is as easy as...well, A-B-C! The perfect recipe for any time of day, any day of the week! Serves 1  ABC Juice 10                   spears asparagus      ... More »
Strawberry Sparkle
Looking to add a little more fruit into your life this summer? Try this...your body will thank you! More »
Pom Pom
Juicing plays a major role in ensuring a healthy diet by making it easier to consume the recommended 5-8 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. One large glass of pure, raw, fresh juice per day will help improve the immune system, increase energy, strengthen bones, clear skin and lower the risk... More »
Benefits of Juicing
Author of The Juicing Bible (the best-selling juicing book on the market today), Pat Crocker, lists just a few of the benefits of juicing: Easy assimilation • In whole fruits and vegetables (or even in drinks that contain pulp), some enzymes, phytochemicals, vitamins A, C and E — along with... More »
C-Green (Smoothies)
Smoothies are an easy, delicious and healthy way to achieve good health! More »
Apple Beet Pear (Juicing)
Juicing really is the best way to get your fill of fruits & veggies! Especially on hot summer days when eating a full meal seems a bit daunting. More »
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