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Seafood Chowder (diabetes-friendly)
'I adapted this recipe to use frozen fish and seafood, which is sometimes more readily available and less expensive than fresh. Using frozen fish, your soup will be cooked in half an hour. The soup is delicious the day you make it or next day. It also freezes well.' -Karen Graham More »
Love Liqueur for 1,001 Nights of Sensual Pleasure
 "Garlic may increase your appetite in the bedroom, but the accompanying garlic breath can dampen your partner’s eagerness. This is why I’ve created a few formulations without “aftertaste.” Combined with a romantic bath for two or a tender massage, these remedies can genuinely do wonders. The... More »
Relaxing Bath Oil Blend
 Relaxing Bath Oil Blend   Here’s a euphoric blend to help your Valentine wind down after a long day (it's also perfect for giftgiving)...        1 tsp (5 mL)  grapeseed or sweet almond oil        2 drops Roman chamomile essential... More »
Peanut Moisturizing Body Oil
With a lemony scent and a smooth, moisturizing oil base, this treatment is a wonderful way to hydrate dried-out winter skin. It's terrific for your whole your body and makes a fabulous gift! More »
How Do I Get Started With Aromatherapy?
Wondering How to Get Started with Aromatherapy? Want to get the perfect gift for someone special?   Lora Cantele, author of The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, says “The recipes are not at all difficult. They don’t take long to make, and most of them... More »
Uniquely You Essential Oil Perfume (vegan, gluten-free)
There’s nothing quite like making a custom scent for friends and family. You get to save some cha-ching and have the satisfaction of whipping up a batch of awesome — like a wizard! This makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift! More »
Homemade All-Natural Lavender Soap
Lavender essential oil is known for its health-enhancing, relaxing properties. It relieves anxiety, irritability, stress, headaches and skin problems. What an incredible Valentine's Day gift!Click the below link to view full color, step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own Lavender... More »
Soothing Green Tea Soap
 Green Tea Soap Handmade soap makes a fabulous Valentine's Day gift! Green tea is excellent at soothing skin and prevents aging.   7.5 oz  green tea infusion (see Tips)        213 g 3 oz     lye (caustic soda)  ... More »
Rose Water Lotion
Rose water has such a lovely, old fashioned aroma. It’s especially nice in this effective hand moisturizer, which is perfect for Valentine's Day gift-giving. More »
Natural Homemade Vegan Gluten-Free Shimmer Blush
It’s time to talk about your sweet cheeks (the ones upstairs, not your hindquarters). Using blush is a fabulous way to appear youthful and healthy, and this natural option rocks at rosying up your complexion. It also makes a fabulous Valentine's Day gift! More »
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