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Get Your Whole Family Cooking!
We really need to get back to the dinner table...Mary Sue Waisman fondly remembers Sunday dinners when she was a little girl. Her Italian grandfather grew tomatoes in his backyard and her grandmother used the fresh-picked produce to create wonderful meals.“It was homemade sauce from homegrown... More »
Why You Should Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables
 Fruits and Vegetables   Study after study indicates that diets heavy in fruits and vegetables are healthier for our hearts, help prevent cancer, keep weight in check, keep us looking and feeling younger and help us live longer. Best of all, fruits and vegetables are delicious and are far... More »
Kale and Quinoa Minestrone (gluten-free, vegetarian)
Everyone needs a few recipes that meet the trifecta of busy weeknight meal requirements: easy, fast and fabulous. Add this soup, which is gluten-free and super-healthy to boot, to your pile. More »
How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
 Losing Weight and Keeping It Off More than half of North American adults are presently considered overweight or obese, which puts them at risk for a variety of health problems, such as heart disease, some types of cancer, type-2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, respiratory disease, sleep... More »
Five Facts About Children’s Overweight
According to Dr. Brian McCrindle and James G. Wengle, authors of Get a Healthy Weight for Your Child, the problem of children being overweight, even obese, has become headline news, discussed in homes, at schools, and among medical professionals. We have been cautioned that overweight children may... More »
5 Easy Steps to Healthy Cooking
With our daily exposure to a constant stream of conflicting information about nutrition and health, it can be a challenge to discern which foods really do form a healthy diet, let alone how to turn them into delicious dishes that can be prepared without too much time, fuss and expense.Camilla... More »
Avocado Cucumber Hand Rolls (raw, vegan)
These hand rolls are refreshing, healthy and packed with protein. Delicious and guaranteed to get you up and running! More »
Blueberry Smoothie
Blueberries are high in flavonoids, and soy milk offers hormone- and blood sugar–balancing effects. The addition of the nutritional agents improves the medicinal value of this delicious, nutritious drink, says author of The PCOS Health & Nutrition Guide, Dr. Jillian Stansbury. More »
How Do I Get My Family More Interested in Food?
 Get Everyone Talking About Food! Stir up enthusiasm for mealtime by having interesting discussions about food and cooking. Here are some conversation starters: • What are your favorite foods? Why? • What foods do you dislike? Why? • What different tastes can your tongue distinguish? There are... More »
Guidelines to Good Health & Eating Well
 Guidelines to Good Health •  Limit alcohol consumption — post-menopausal women who drink less than one drink per day can decrease the risk of dying of breast cancer by up to 30% •  Exercise — moderate daily physical activity can lower cancer risk, boost the immune system, help... More »
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