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Pesto Tagliatelle (Raw & GF)
All the recipes in RawEssence are eco-friendly, meet all your nutritional requirements and are immensely satisfying and delicious! More »
Gluten-Free Shopping Tips
Celiac disease or not, here are some rules of thumb for healthy shopping from Alexandra Anca & Theresa Santandrea-Cull, authors of Complete Gluten-Free Diet & Nutrition Guide: 1.            Buy fresh food! What could be healthier... More »
Garden Paella (Casserole)
This delicious rice dish is not only pretty, but nutritiously chock-full of vegetables and other good things! More »
Eating and Cooking Paleo (& gluten-free)
According to Judith Finlayson, author of 163 Best Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes, the basic premise behind the Paleo approach is that we should follow a diet very similar to that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, eating food that is as close to its natural state as possible. Proponents cite... More »
Quick Tips 
for Developing Healthy Skin
 The 8-Week Healthy Skin Diet, by former model and nutritionist Karen Fischer, is an 8-step program you follow for 8 weeks (that’s only 2 months) that addresses your lifestyle habits, including diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and general thinking. Take one step at a time rather than trying to... More »
Tips For Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet
Do you want to eat better? Do you want to leave a smaller 'footprint' and help contribute to a better world? How about eating raw? Transitioning to a raw food diet can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Here are some quick and easy tips from Chef Douglas McNish, author of Eat Raw, Eat Well, to get... More »
Arugula Salad with Shaved Fennel and Prosciutto
One of the best reasons to wear perfume is that its scent precedes you. It relays a silent message of great expectations. Similarly, we love how the peppery arugula brings out the best in savory, roasted fennel, with salty prosciutto chiming in. A simple browning of the shallots will give you a... More »
Tabbouleh Flower (Raw, Gluten-Free, Vegan)
If you're seeking a fabulous new gluten-free vegetarian/vegan recipe that will give you all the nutrients you need, this is the perfect year-round dish! More »
C-Green (Smoothies)
Smoothies are an easy, delicious and healthy way to achieve good health! More »
Orange Star (Juicing)
From the best-selling juicing book on the market today comes a delicious juicing recipe perfect for the whole family... More »
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