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Pom Pom
Juicing plays a major role in ensuring a healthy diet by making it easier to consume the recommended 5-8 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. One large glass of pure, raw, fresh juice per day will help improve the immune system, increase energy, strengthen bones, clear skin and lower the risk... More »
7 Tips for Making Smoothies Part of Your Daily Routine
According to Pat Crocker, author of The Smoothies Bible, 2nd Ed., a nutritious diet includes protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, fiber and water in proportions that promote growth and maintain healthy cells. It also includes ample quantities of vegetables and... More »
Eczema Stats & Risk Factors
Eczema at a Glance   Facts: Prevalence and Incidence Statistics •            20% of the population of the Western world has eczema. •            In the United States, 15 million... More »
Eczema Itch Busters
Itch BustersFirst things first. The itch that best characterizes eczema is often so severe that you want to act immediately. Try these natural remedies and recipes at home when an itch attack occurs:1.    Cold Compress: Fill a sealable bag with ice cubes, wrap it in a towel, and... More »
Food for Those On The Go!
 Heading out on a camping trip this summer? With a little advance planning, making your own camp food is really easy. There are many packaged products on the market, and you can buy a wide array of ready-mixed dried foods at outdoor stores. Of course, the quality varies greatly between brands... More »
Pear Cherry Ginger Crumble (just add water)
Just because you’re on the trail or at a camp doesn’t mean you can’t have a mouth-watering dessert fit for company! Just add water! More »
Indoor Grilling 101
Author of 125 Best Indoor Grilling Recipes, Ilana Simon, believes everyone (whether you're a vegetarian or a steak lover) loves a good barbecue. That smoky, seared flavor derived from barbecuing is synonymous with summer, carefree cuisine and great grilled gastronomy. Now, there’s a new kid on the... More »
Vanilla Chai Power Bars (vegan)
Energy bars are a great item to keep on hand for snacking on the go, or enjoy them as a quick breakfast with a cold glass of Almond Milk this summer! More »
Do-It-Yourself Food Dehydration
The origins of food drying predate recorded history. It is not hard to imagine primitive humans finding dried berries clinging to vines long after fresh berries had disappeared. These sweet, nutritious, sun-dried berries would have been a welcome food source during times of the year when other food... More »
Mug Granola (gluten-free friendly)
You can buy a tiny pouch of granola for an exorbitant price, or you can make a single serving any time, any way you like it, for a few cents at home. You can tweak this basic recipe with whatever nuts, seeds or dried fruit suit your fancy. It’s pretty forgiving, so adjust the sweetener and salt − a... More »
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