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Potato Eye Poultice
 Potato Eye PoulticeBrighten up dark circles with this super-easy, all-natural beauty treatment!It's gentle on skin and easy on the budget too.Simply click the below link to access the recipe and full color photos... Find more natural beauty product recipes and treatments in The... More »
Chemical-Free Beauty Alternatives Are on the Rise
  Pamper YourselfNature’s Way Chemical-Free Alternatives Are on the Rise The cosmetics industry has become highly profitable, and companies have become very successful by appealing to the vanity of both men and women. It seems like every day new beauty products appear on the... More »
Papaya Beauty Smoothie
This thick, tropical, gluten-free smoothie is a delicious and refreshing drink. It contains vitamin C–rich papaya, which enhances protein digestion; bananas, which are a great source of fiber; and ginger and lime, which are alkalizing to skin. More »
Peanut Moisturizing Body Oil
With a lemony scent and a smooth, moisturizing oil base, this treatment is a wonderful way to hydrate dried-out winter skin. It's terrific for your whole your body! More »
How Can I Fix My Double Chin?
 Have a big day coming up? By working your muscles, you will rediscover a younger and more relaxed face while giving your complexion a boost of radiance! This exercise (click link below) helps correct or prevent sagging in the oval of the face and the appearance of a double chin... More »
Green Glow Juice for Younger Skin (juicing)
Here’s a highly alkalizing juice to thin the blood and give your skin a natural glow. More »
Give Yourself Something to Smile About!
 We suggest passing up that anti-wrinkle cream that costs more than you make in a month. Most creams only have an effect on the skin’s surface. Instead, get yourself something can do for yourself that will have a real and long-lasting effect. Something that will make you look and feel younger... More »
Relaxing Bath Oil Blend
 Relaxing Bath Oil Blend   Here’s a euphoric blend to help you wind down after a long day...        1 tsp (5 mL)  grapeseed or sweet almond oil        2 drops Roman chamomile essential oil        2 drops... More »
Macadamia and Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Know someone who loves to make their own beauty products? This is THE gift for them! Hot summer sun and cold winter weather make your lips cry out for relief. This balm is just what you need to soothe and protect them all year long! More »
Can a Facial Exercise Give Me Fuller Lips?
 Over time, muscle fibers loosen and stretch, lengthening up to 50 percent. Like a cushion that crumples when its stuffing is compressed, skin slackens when the underlying muscles no longer do their job of supporting it.The effects of this slackening are particularly visible in certain areas... More »
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