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Quinoa: Gluten-Free Superfood
   A Nutrition Superstar      Quinoa has now been classified a superfood by nutritionists and a “super-crop” by the United Nations, according to author of 500 Best Quinoa Recipes, Camilla Saulsbury. The reason is clear: quinoa has a near-perfect balance of protein,... More »
Herbed Quinoa Deviled Eggs
 Herbed Quinoa Deviled Eggs Quinoa contributes a delicate sesame flavor and a toothsome texture to traditional deviled eggs. Replacing the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt lightens this into a healthy snack and adds another layer of flavor.   Makes 8 appetizers   4  ... More »
GF Black Bean Quinoa Chipotle Chili
Author of 500 Best Quinoa Recipes, Camilla Saulsbury, is sure no one will ask, “Where’s the beef?” when sampling this incredibly delicious gluten-free vegetarian dish. Simmering hearty black beans and quinoa with onions, garlic, herbs and spices creates a wonderfully complex chili that’s finished... More »
Peppery Chicken Quinoa (gluten-free)
Not only is this dish pretty to look at, it’s very easy to make and also healthy. It'll make a fabulous one-dish weeknight meal the whole family will love. More »
Quinoa Tabbouleh (diabetes-friendly)
Versatile quinoa, with its mild, nutty taste, goes well in salads, soups and side dishes. Here, it stands in for bulgur in this popular Middle Eastern salad. Thanks to quinoa’s complete protein content, this tasty salad can stand on its own as a vegetarian dish, or it can be served as a side dish... More »
Peppery Turkey Casserole
With five different kinds of peppers, this dish is a testament to the depth and variety of this useful ingredient. We’ve added quinoa because it’s a nutritious complete protein. Here, we’ve stirred it in after the dish has finished cooking to make a casserole, but if you prefer, serve it on the... More »
Gluten-Free Warm Butternut Squash Salad with Crispy Chickpeas
This warm salad combines the best flavors and textures, with complementary exotic nuances. Sweet roasted squash, tart cranberries and earthy quinoa are irresistible partners for crispy, Indian-spiced chickpeas and citrus yogurt. More »
What Food is Best for Creating Younger Skin?
Top Foods for Younger Skin   The best weapon against skin aging is your fork. Eating the right foods supplies your skin with the nutrients it needs to produce new collagen, fight AGEs (Think of AGEs as brownish spots — like sticky toffee — that grab onto collagen when there is lots of sugar in... More »
Can Celiacs Eat Whole Grains?
 Gluten-intolerant people can eat whole grains. A large number of gluten-free (GF) whole-grain choices are available. The following, when eaten in a form that includes the bran, germ and endosperm, are examples of generally accepted GF whole-grain foods, say Donna Washburn and Heather Butt... More »
Gluten-Free Shopping Tips
Celiac disease or not, here are some rules of thumb for healthy shopping from Alexandra Anca & Theresa Santandrea-Cull, authors of Complete Gluten-Free Diet & Nutrition Guide: 1.            Buy fresh food! What could be healthier... More »
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