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Kinesiology Taping for Sports, Fitness and Daily Life
Have you been bitten by the taping bug yet? Or maybe you know someone who has. Perhaps somebody has recommended taping to you, or you are only familiar with tapes from seeing people wearing them on television or on your local sports field.Whether or not you have already had any experience with... More »
What Is My Risk of Developing Osteoarthritis?
In osteoarthritis, bone wear and tear, caused gradually by repetitive movement or instantly due to injury, is the precipitating cause of bone loss and pain. In rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmunity initiates factors that lead to bone loss and pain. OsteoarthritisAgeThe number one factor that will... More »
What Are the Signs of Arthritis?
Almost everyone we know complains occasionally about aches and pains in the joints, most often in the knees and the hands. These aches become especially prevalent as we get older, and most people think that arthritis is a disease that strikes only in older individuals as a result of wear and tear.... More »
When to Seek Medical Attention for Back Pain
Seeking Medical Attention for Back Pain: Reasons to Seek “Emergency” (within hours) Attention:• Significant injury, accident or fall with development of low back pain or sharp increase in pre-existing back pain.• Symptoms of cauda equina syndrome.• Rapid onset of back pain associated with high... More »
Facts about Back Pain
Low back pain is an exceedingly common yet perplexing problem. Over the course of our lifetime, there is a 90% chance that we will suffer at least one bout of low back pain. Back pain represents the second most common cause of a visit to the doctor after colds and flu. The acute category of back... More »
Suffering from Insomnia?
Medical Background Insomnia is defined as having difficulty falling asleep or experiencing sleep that is not restful, regardless of its duration. Problems staying asleep and frequent waking may also be symptoms of insomnia. Lack of sleep can affect emotions, memory, motor skills, concentration, and... More »
Suffering from Stress? Find out with this Checklist
Many people suffer from chronic stress, but do not realize it. They assume their ill health is normal, part of a hectic 21st-century lifestyle. They fail to realize that the longer they live at this pace, ignoring the warning signs of chronic stress, the higher the chances they could have... More »
Simple Steps to Improve Your Health & Well-Being
TO  ESTABLISH OPTIMUM health and ensure lifelong well-being, women need to take four steps forward. We present these steps toward this goal now, with brief notes on each step that will be expanded throughout  Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women’s Health by Sat Dharam Kaur with Mary... More »
Considering Weight-Loss Surgery?
To help you make the decision whether or not weight-loss surgery is for you, start asking yourself the following questions. If you can answer yes to these questions without hesitation, you may be ready for bariatric surgery. If not, read on. The Complete Weight-Loss Surgery Guide & Diet Program... More »
Treatment for Heartburn
 Treatment Protocols for HeartburnTreatment for chronic heartburn depends upon the severity and the duration of the symptoms, say authors of Chronic Heartburn, Barbara Wendland, MSc, RD and Lisa Marie Ruffolo. Follow the first program if your symptoms are mild or infrequent, and the second if... More »
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