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Red Velvet Smoothie (raw)
A sweet and earthy blend of fresh beet juice and rich coconut butter, accented with aromatic vanilla, this raw smoothie is simply delicious. More »
Pecan Pie (raw, gluten-free)
This heavenly dessert is definitely decadent — creamy, luscious and smooth. "This is a great recipe to make for people who are new to raw food, because it is so rich and delicious it’s sure to make a convert of even the most skeptical guest," says Douglas McNish, chef and author of Eat Raw, Eat... More »
Lentil Salad
Just a few ingredients create a striking blend of flavors. Once you start eating this one, it’s hard to stop. More »
The perfect beverage for a chilly winter's day! Warm up with one this holiday! More »
Raw, Vegan Avocado Cucumber Hand Rolls
These hand rolls are refreshing, healthy and packed with protein! And perfect for a New Years party. More »
Natural Homemade Vegan Gluten-Free Shimmer Blush
It’s time to talk about your sweet cheeks (the ones upstairs, not your hindquarters). Using blush is a fabulous way to appear youthful and healthy, and this natural option rocks at rosying up your complexion. It also makes a fabulous Christmas / hostess gift! More »
Peanut Moisturizing Body Oil
With a lemony scent and a smooth, moisturizing oil base, this treatment is a wonderful way to hydrate dried-out winter skin. It's terrific for your whole your body and makes a fabulous gift! More »
Uniquely You Essential Oil Perfume (vegan, gluten-free)
There’s nothing quite like making a custom scent for friends and family. You get to save some cha-ching and have the satisfaction of whipping up a batch of awesome — like a wizard! This makes a wonderful hostess or holiday gift! More »
Soothing Green Tea Soap
 Green Tea Soap Handmade soap makes a fabulous gift! Green tea is excellent at soothing skin and prevents aging.   7.5 oz  green tea infusion (see Tips)        213 g 3 oz     lye (caustic soda)    85 g 1.5 lbs... More »
Rose Water Lotion
Rose water is perfect for holiday gift-giving. More »
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