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Pore De-Gunking Coffee Facial Scrub (vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free)
All right, all you coffee fiends, let’s put those coffee grounds to use on your faces! Coffee wakes you up, yes, but it’s also an incredible exfoliant. It sloughs off dry, crusty, dead skin (gross but true), and it smells so good. The caffeine in the beans helps treat redness and inflammation, and... More »
Give Yourself Something to Smile About!
 We suggest passing up that anti-wrinkle cream that costs more than you make in a month. Most creams only have an effect on the skin’s surface. Instead, get yourself (or your best bud) something can do for yourself that will have a real and long-lasting effect. Something that will make you... More »
Men Need to Take Care Too
 Men Need to Take Care of Their Skin Too  Modern men have discovered that caring for their bodies is good for their health and their confidence. It can also keep them looking great as they age. Traditionally, men had no idea what type of skin they had or which shampoo worked best on... More »
Vegetarian Golden Cauliflower with Split Peas
Perfect as a side dish at Thanksgiving, your next holiday gathering, or as a side on a busy weeknight! More »
How to Make Quality Food Choices
Dietitians of Canada say that making quality food choices means emphasizing nutrient-rich choices, fiber and whole grains, and limiting salt, fat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and items that do not belong to a food group, such as sweets, greasy snack foods, soft drinks and rich desserts.   The... More »
Chinese Stir-Fry (diabetes-Friendly)
Carefully planned, nutritious meals and sensible portion sizes are an essential part of diabetes management. Diabetes Meals for Good Health by Karen Graham makes meal planning easy and straightforward, so it’s no wonder that the first edition has nearly 100,000 copies in print. More »
A Smart Step to Eating Better: Cook at Home More Often
Dietitians of Canada’s cookbook Cook! edited by registered dietitian Mary Sue Waisman is destined to become one of your favorites! This book combines healthy cooking with ‘deliciousness’ to help you (no matter where you live) prepare and eat healthy food.When choosing healthy recipes at home, aim... More »
Taco Soup (diabetes-friendly)
Your favorite hearty bowl of soup with crackers makes a great lunch on a chilly fall day! Make this taco soup ahead, and freeze any leftovers. It is great for another lunch or for a dinner. More »
How to Make 'Healthy Fat' Choices
Making Healthy Fat Choices   Here are some general tips that will help you make healthy fat choices: •         Limit the total amount of fat you eat. •         Choose food products with a lower amount of fat per... More »
Ten Changes for Good Health
Carefully planned, nutritious meals and sensible portion sizes are an essential part of successful health management.Karen Graham, RD, Certified Diabetes Educator, and author of Diabetes Meals for Good Health, gives us her  top ten suggestions for good health:1. Eat Breakfast2. Eat Proper... More »
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