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Vegetarian Vietnamese Fresh Rolls
This is almost a two‑for-one recipe — the fresh rolls are wonderful all on their own but the leftover marinade creates the perfect dipping sauce. The perfect recipe for a long weekend snack or appetizer! More »
Farmers’ Market Salad with Goat Cheese Toasts
Goat cheese–topped toasts and farmers’ market vegetables — radishes, mushrooms, green beans and baby kale — give this quick entrée salad sophisticated, yet still homey, flair. What a delightfully easy side, long weekend dinner or buffet side dish! More »
Fresh Vegetable Pasta Salad
The humble stalwarts of the garden combine in 
a satisfying sum. The perfect long weekend dish! More »
Pickled Three-Bean Salad
In some circles, it is practically a tradition to have three-bean salad as part of a pot luck spread. This staple has a robust flavor that is unique. Having some on hand allows for easy preparation for any weeknight meal, long weekend or party! More »
White Beans with Orzo and Feta (vegetarian)
This is a quintessential Mediterranean combination — simple vegetarian fare that’s both healthy and hearty. It’s perfect for a long weekend, a potluck buffet, a bridal shower, or a simple (and healthy) weeknight supper. The oil-cured black olives add a real punch of flavor. More »
Raw, Vegan Stuffed Cucumber Cups
These little stuffed cups balance the slightly sweet taste and creamy texture of cashews with fresh cucumber. They are absolutely perfect for baby and bridal parties, long weekend entertaining and snacking! More »
'Fun in the Sun' Skin Care Tips
It's summer, and as we're all spending more time outdoors, we thought we'd share a few sun care tips:'Fun in the Sun' Q&A with model and nutritionist, Karen Fischer, award-winning author of The 8-Week Healthy Skin Diet: As a model, did you have shoots in sunny places? What are some of the... More »
Nutty Choco-Caramel Tarts
While these mouthwatering chocolate tarts are a delightful long weekend dessert, they are also a great pick-me-up as a midday snack. And they provide nutrients to support your muscles, bone and skin. More »
Salmon with Brazilian Spice
Tuna, swordfish or halibut can be substituted for the salmon, as they all have the depth of flavor required to stand up to the personality of this spicy rub. More »
Mediterranean Lentil Salad (Instant-Pot)
While I like to serve this divine lentil salad as a side dish, it would definitely work as a main course for vegetarians and anyone looking for a new idea for meatless Mondays. More »
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