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Mango, Jicama, Pumpkin Seed and Fresh Herb Salad (raw, vegan, gluten-free)
This light yet intense salad is bursting with fresh summer flavors and interesting textures. It is sure to impress your guests at a dinner party or casual summer gathering. More »
Black Bean, White Corn and Nectarine Salad (Vegan)
This delectable salad with few ingredients comes together in minutes and is a win-win recipe; a breeze for you and a hit with the family. A dazzling dish perfect for the whole family! More »
The Token Kale Salad (vegan)
"As the saying goes, “You don’t make friends with salad” — until you do. This kale and pesto salad is so beyond run-of-the-mill. Pasta sauce on salad? Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? It’s a match made in BFF heaven. It’s delicious on its own, but let’s face it: salad is a sad meal, so pair... More »
Traditional Coleslaw (vegan)
There is nothing fancy about this coleslaw - it's the kind our mothers used to make. Here we've added some caraway seeds to bump up the flavor and made a jalapeño pepper an option for those who like a bit of heat. More »
Parsnip Spaghetti with Pine Nut Basil Pesto
Delectably sweet parsnips make an inviting platform for creamy basil pesto. What a wonderfully healthy dinner idea! More »
Tabbouleh Flower (raw, gluten-free, vegan)
If you're seeking a fabulous new gluten-free vegetarian/vegan recipe that will give you all the nutrients you need, this is the perfect dish to get you eating healthier! More »
Corn and Three-Bean Salad (vegan)
Perfect for busy weeknights and entertaining! More »
Kale and Orange Salad (FODMAP-friendly, vegan)
The good news is that a low-FODMAP diet need not be devoid of all sugars and/or carbs. And you get to eat delicious recipes like this... More »
Cucumber Aloe Watermelon Juice
Aloe vera isn’t just for soothing burns — it’s also a powerful digestive aid. Try it in this light and refreshing gluten-free juice. More »
Vegan recipes that actually taste great!
THERE IS LITTLE DOUBT that over the past few decades the natural foods landscape has grown dramatically. According to the authors of 125 Best Vegan Recipes, Maxine Effenson Chuck and Beth Gurney, a wide range of nuts and whole grains, dairy-free milk substitutes and foods such as tofu and other... More »
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