International Cooking

Chile & Tomato Chutney (Vegan)
Too many things in the oven? Use your slow cooker instead! Serve this fiery chutney with any curry and rice dish that might welcome a hit of spice. More »
Gingered Fruit Tagine
Make this easy compote when fresh fruit is plentiful and serve with yogurt or toss with cooked rice for a healthy rice pudding. It's the perfect accompaniment to almost any meal. More »
Thai Noodles (just add water)
The peanuts add body, as well as protein, to the sauce. Add in the vegetables, ginger and a kick of heat, and this noodle dish is sure to satisfy you on an active day on the trail! More »
Avocado Ice Pops
In Mexico and other parts of Central America, avocados are sometimes used in sweets. This use certainly won’t seem strange to Filipino, Vietnamese and Indonesian people, who primarily enjoy the fruit over shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk or in milkshakes, says author of 200 Best Ice Pop... More »
Star Anise and Mandarin Orange Ice
The licorice flavor of star anise adds a mellow edge to this Eastern-inspired ice. We like to serve this paired with plain vanilla ice cream or as a side to lemon loaf or angel food cake. Star anise vary in size, so you’ll have to judge for yourself whether to use 6 or 8. Eight large star anise... More »
Coconut Ice Cream
Here is the classic Thai ice cream that could not be simpler and it could not be better. You can jazz it up with flavors and additions in the modern manner, but we think it is perfect as is. Thais love it sprinkled with chopped peanuts and served in tiny bowls. Wouldn't it be great this summer! More »
Margarita Pie
Refreshing, simple flavors of a margarita infused into a dessert are exceptional. This margarita pie is light and luscious and quick to make, says the author of 200 Easy Mexican Recipes, Kelley Coffeen Cleary. More »
Chile-Spiked Chocolate Pots
This is an updated version of classic French pots de crème. You won’t taste the chile, but it adds appealing depth to the flavor of the chocolate. Served with a big dollop of sweetened whipped cream, this dessert is a welcome summer indulgence. More »
Thai Iced Tea
There is nothing in the world quite like Thai iced tea. While it is traditionally sweetened in advance with sugar and served with a dollop of evaporated milk, you can enjoy it hot or iced with honey and lemon. What a fabulous long weekend treat! More »
Mango Lassi
'I had never had mango lassi until I came to the United States, but it is a favorite in restaurants now. I prefer to use canned Indian mango purée as mangos are seasonal and only the sweetest fiber-free ones should be used.' -Suneeta Vaswani More »
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