Kitchen Tips & Techniques

Long Weekend Entertaining
 Make it a party to remember... Fun-in-the-Sun Gifts If you are having a beach party or luau - or just hosting a cookout in your sunny backyard ~ send your guests home with a fun-in-the-sun gift. Roll a travel-size tube of sunscreen, protective lip balm and a small bottle of water in a... More »
Easy Picnic Ideas
"A pocket filled with flatware is the perfect presentation for picnics and casual parties. After placing utensils in each pocket, you can even tie it with twine or ribbon and stack the filled napkins in a basket for picking up at the end of a buffet line.To play up the casual country feel of this... More »
Canning / Preserving Tips
Just as it does in baking, higher altitude affects home canning recipes. As elevation - or altitude above sea level - increases, water boils at lower temperatures that are less effective for killing harmful spoilage microorganisms.      Heat processing directions in the Ball/... More »
Panini Maker Sandwich Ideas
'WHEN I WAS ASKED to write 200 Best Panini Recipes, my initial reaction was, You better know I will! Then I thought, Are there really 200 panini recipes?    But just as my mom was, I am the master of sandwiches. I have been told I make the best sandwiches, and I think this is because... More »
Easy BBQ Napkin Fold
"Some meals are beyond messy. Use an actual barbecue bib or a checkered kitchen towel instead of a napkin for this fold, which suits Southern-style barbecue or seafood boils especially well.The finished fold will look best with medium- to heavyweight fabric, such as the red and white checked bib I... More »
How to Become a Champion BBQ Smoker
I FIRST MET KAREN PUTMAN in the mid-1990s when a Kansas City deejay infamously proclaimed, “Women can’t barbecue!” Those were fightin’ words to all of us women who barbecued on the contest circuit, owned barbecue restaurants or wrote barbecue cookbooks. In response, we formed an all-girl team, The... More »
Everything You Need to Know About Marinades, Spice Pastes & Sauces
Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh, author of 100 Best Grilling Recipes, says all you really need to know about marinades, spice pastes and sauces is:They are designed to add flavor, pizzazz and, in some cases, to tenderize certain cuts of meat.A marinade can be as simple as a one-ingredient preparation such... More »
Gluten-Free Strawberry Basil Hand Pies
The combination of strawberries and fresh basil in a pie might strike you as odd, but basil is a member of the mint family, which often pairs beautifully with fresh fruit in desserts. In these pies basil plays two roles: the chopped herb is tossed with juicy strawberries for the filling, while... More »
Ice Pops: Wonderful Frozen Treats on a Stick
 What joy, what freedom, what fun and adventure! During my first school summer break, between kindergarten and first grade, my two sisters and I (ages six and a half, four and five and a half, respectively) were finally allowed to cross busy streets together without the supervision of adults.... More »
How to Homebrew your Own California Blonde
Seeking something new to do this summer? How about setting up your very own home-brewing system! May we suggest trying a:California Blonde Hoppy blonde ales are favorite summertime quaffs in West Coast brewpubs. There's something about that bite of the hop that makes you want to take another sip.... More »
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