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Spice & Herb Bible WON the James Beard Award
   Robert Rose Inc. is Proud to Announce The Spice & Herb Bible, Third Edition is the winner of the ‘Reference and Scholarship’ Category of the James Beard Awards   On Tuesday March 24, 2015, the James Beard Foundation announced its nominations in a dozen categories, ranging from... More »
What Can I Substitute for Soy Sauce?
 Soy Sauce Also known as shoyu (Japanese). A complex, salty brown condiment that’s inextricably bound with the cuisines of China, Japan, and other Asian countries. At its most basic, soy sauce is the liquid produced from a long and complex process of fermenting soy beans. Numerous styles exist... More »
What is the Difference Between Honing and Sharpening?
Honing vs. SharpeningHoning is maintaining the edge; sharpening is repairing the edge.Honing steels are sold in varying degrees of coarseness. They typically range from 9 to 12 inches (23 to 30 cm) in length; your steel should be about 2 inches (5 cm) longer than the knife you are trying to hone.... More »
Why Knife Skills Are Important
Why Knife Skills Are ImportantAnyone who wants to cook — whether professionally or at home — needs to know how to use a knife. And that doesn’t just mean knowing how to cut various vegetables into various shapes, though that’s certainly part of it. It also means knowing how to hold a knife and,... More »
Varieties of Chile Peppers
Chile Pepper Varieties aji chile - also aji amarillo chile. hot with a fragrant, fruity undertone, thin-fleshed, yellow to orange-red skin, grown and eaten in Peru and other parts of south america, commonly used in seviche, good in sauces, stews and marinades; 30,000 to 50,000 SU. Anaheim chile - a... More »
What Type of Chicken Is This?
CHICKEN TYPES Chickens are also sold under different names, normally according to their age and weight:*broilers or fryers - weigh between 2 and 3 pounds (1 and 1.4 kg) and are mostly used for frying or broiling.*poussins - french for “baby chickens” that are four to six weeks old and weigh up to 2... More »
Where Do Food and Science Meet?
Cuisines change. A new ingredient, cooking technique, nutrition study, piece of kitchen equipment, or the latest dish from a trendsetting chef is enough to evolve the way we think about what we cook and eat. One of the most powerful changes in food in this century has been propelled by the... More »
Back to School/Work Contest
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, mornings are hectic for most people, especially families with children. So how do you cope with hunger pangs at breakfast time? If you’re like most people, you have to rush through the meal, gobble down whatever’s handy in the... More »
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