Thai Tuna Salad
"One evening I was eating a classic Thai beef salad for dinner and thought, Wow, this would be great with seafood. And it is, with only minimal changes." ~Susan Sampson, author of 200 Best Canned Fish & Seafood Recipes. More »
Tabbouleh with Tomatoes and Dried Fruit Salad
This Middle Eastern salad is rich with color, flavor and nutrients. It's perfect for a summertime lunch or light dinner... More »
Say It With L-O-V-E
These colorful cookies are a great example of how you can turn a basic rectangle into a spectacular decorated treat. They are perfect for baby and bridal showers, the holidays, or for any special occasion when you want to send those you love an extra-special message. Click on the below link to... More »
Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Butter
Seeking a delicious and nutritious recipe for Father's Day breaky? Sweet potatoes are a natural for pancakes. They lend lightness and a lovely element of sweetness to the batter and are outstanding with the usual accoutrements of smoky bacon or sausages, not to mention maple syrup or butter. More »
Chocolate Turtle Panini
Simple to make (get the kids involved - they'll love it) and certain to be the hit of Father's Day! 'These are "to die for" as one person said when I served them for dessert,' says author Alison Lewis More »
Gift Ideas for the New Parent
Buying for a new parent, a parent to be, or a caregiver (nanny, babysitter, grandparent)?Taking care of our children is one of life’s biggest and most important challenges. We believe that, in general, parenting skills are intuitive and should not be overthought. That said, the right guide to the... More »
Cream Cheese, Jam and Banana on Pancakes
Kids will almost think they are eating a banana split for breakfast or a snack with this tasty combination of strawberry jam, banana and cream cheese. More »
Jammin’ Pancake Panini
Kids love to cook, so why not involve them in the preparation this weekend? Have kids help smear on the cream cheese and jam and layer the sliced banana. More »
Roasted Summer Fruit (perfect for toddlers)
This recipe works for virtually any fruit and can be served with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although roasting fruit does demand a wee bit of work, the return is worth it. The caramelization of natural sugars created by roasting is tough to duplicate. Try it once and we promise you’ll do it over... More »
Roasted Summer Fruit Smoothie (kid-fav)
What an excellent, healthy treat for your children and you — enjoy one today! More »
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