Greek Pita Pocket
This Greek-style sandwich is a delicious combination and is so easy to make. Author of 400 Best Sandwich Recipes, Alison Lewis, says she loves making these on busy weeknights. More »
A Smart Step to Eating Better: Cook at Home More Often
Dietitians of Canada’s cookbook Cook! edited by registered dietitian Mary Sue Waisman is destined to become one of your favorites! This book combines healthy cooking with ‘deliciousness’ to help you (no matter where you live) prepare and eat healthy food.When choosing healthy recipes at home, aim... More »
Taco Soup (diabetes-friendly)
Your favorite hearty bowl of soup with crackers makes a great lunch on a chilly fall day! Make this taco soup ahead, and freeze any leftovers. It is great for another lunch or for a dinner. More »
Easy Sandwich Tips & Tricks
Sandwich recipes are so versatile, fun, and, of course, perfect for everyone, anytime! They offer you a chance to be creative and to offer so much variety, tradition and memories. Alison Lewis, author of 400 Best Sandwich Recipes, offers some fabulous Sandwich Shortcuts & Tips:When... More »
Crispy Beef Party Tacos
This is an inexpensive appetizer for feeding a hungry crowd. Kids can’t get enough of these and adults say the same. We like to serve a platter of these with a variety of salsas, sour cream and guacamole. More »
Cooking for Kids with Diabetes
When children are young, many families eat simple, child-friendly foods. The recipes in Canada's / America's Best Cookbook for Kids with Diabetes by Colleen Bartley, have been taste-tested by children and teens, as well as by their parents, relatives and friends.The dishes are tasty, nutritious and... More »
Mummy Trick-or-Treater Halloween Cookies
Be the hit of your Halloween party by passing around these adorable mummy cookies! You might even turn the decorating process into a fun party activity. All you need is white fondant...and a little patience! Click on the below link to see step-by-step photos + instructions on how to make... More »
Babycakes Halloween Cake Pops
Set the stage for your spooky party with Halloween cake pops for everyone. Jack-o’-lanterns, mummies, ghosts and Cyclops eyes make for fun holiday treats. More »
Pumpkin Halloween Cookies
Whether you’re an occasional holiday home baker or a seasoned pro, you’ll absolutely delight in Julie Anne Hession’s designs and ideas.Her fun and creative book, 100 Best Decorated Cookies, features tempting cookie decorating ideas for a wide array of occasions and holidays. Find easy and fun... More »
Candy Bar Cupcakes
Leftover Halloween candy bars are perfect for this recipe! Kids "love the way the chocolate melts in your mouth" and "especially love to dig for the candy bar at the bottom of the cupcake. It's like finding hidden treasure." More »
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