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Lemon Thyme Vodka Slushy
If you like lemonade, you will love this cooling, zesty slush. You’ll need to start a day or two before you want to drink it. Once you have the lemony syrup cubes in the freezer, you have delicious drinks in the bank to dole out on hot afternoons, at parties, and over the long weekend. More »
S’mores Cake
No campfire necessary! Wherever you are this long weekend, you can create your own fun with Camilla Saulsbury's cake version of S’mores! It’s near impossible to go wrong with the classic campfire trinity of graham crackers (here, stirred right into the cake batter), marshmallows and chocolate, and... More »
Vegetarian Vietnamese Fresh Rolls
This is almost a two‑for-one recipe — the fresh rolls are wonderful all on their own but the leftover marinade creates the perfect dipping sauce. The perfect recipe for a long weekend snack or appetizer! More »
Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini
Simple, elegant and delicious, these crostini get any party or long weekend off to an excellent start. More »
Brie with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Seeking a recipe the whole gang will love this long weekend? Look no further... More »
Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Dip
If you have the ingredients on hand, this tasty dip can be ready to serve in about 5 minutes. Serve it with crudités, crackers or pumpernickel rounds for an elegant long weekend appetizer. Vegetarian friendly! More »
Sun-Dried Tomato 
and Pepper Salad
Your long weekend guests will love this salad as an appetizer served with pita chips. More »
Corn and Three-Bean Salad (vegan)
Perfect for long weekends, summer holidays and backyard BBQs! More »
Tomato and Olive Antipasto
With jars of this antipasto in your pantry, you can have appetizers ready in mere minutes this long weekend. The tangy, savory flavors are a delight on their own or when served with rich cheeses or cured meats. More »
Barbecued Caesar
You can further garnish this unusual take on a Caesar — the brunch drink favored by Canadians — by replacing the celery with a skewered cooked shrimp, or skewer a cocktail onion, a folded slice of salami and a pimento-stuffed olive. More »
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