Vegetarian & Vegan

Apple Blondies with Brown Sugar Frosting
These are perfect for dessert and everyday treats. Both the frosting and the blondie are scrumptious ~ you’ll have a tough time deciding which you like more! As will your guests and family... More »
Pumpkin Cheesecake
A delectable grand finale for a fall supper, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. More »
Encore! Chocolate Bread Pudding
Our favorite dessert in this book! Serve warm with Rum Pecan Caramel Sauce and a generous dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Your guests will feel compelled to put down their forks and exclaim "Encore!" More »
Banoffee Pie
An irresistible British dessert perfect for the chilly days. The toffee sauce is incredibly easy to make in the slow cooker. More »
Chocolate Raspberry Torte
God made chocolate and the devil threw the calories in! This tastes as good as it looks. Perfect for any (and every) special occasion! More »
Coffee Pots de Crème
A pot de crème is like an unbrûléed crème brûlée — essentially a gently baked creamy pudding. The cute part about coffee pots de crème in particular is that you can cook them in little mugs, like the vintage Pyrex ones you bought for a dollar each at a garage sale or thrift shop, then eat your über... More »
Apple Brownies
This is it — everyone’s next favorite. Whip up a batch with the kids this weekend! More »
Blender Breakfast
A quick nutritious drink, loaded with the delicious flavours of summer (use frozen berries during cooler seasons). Perfect for both kids and adults, and terrific any time of day any time of year - especially those chaotic, 'can anything else go wrong' mornings! More »
Hot Multigrain Cereal
Not only are hot multigrain cereals delicious, they are also highly nutritious, providing a wide range of nutrients. Your slow cooker transforms them into an easy, no-fuss option. More »
Kale and Brussels Sprout Slaw
A delightful twist on a side dish and/or appetizer your guests will rave about! More »
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