Cinzia Cuneo

Italian by birth and Quebecer by adoption, Cinzia (pronounce "chin-tsia") Cuneo, MSc, decided to combine her professional experience and her passion for good food by developing a service which would help the many who are in need of regaining control of their diet. Thus was born SOSCuisine.

An engineer by training (Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy), Cinzia holds a Master in Applied Sciences from Polytechnique Montreal. She has travelled and lived in several countries, whilst pursuing a demanding career within multinationals in the high-tech industry. At 3M, she was responsible for Consumer Care for a retail division in Europe, as well as the corporation's head offices in Saint-Paul, Minnesota, in the United States.

After that, at Nortel Networks in Montreal, she was Quality Director and then Procurement Director, and had an annual budget of three billion dollars to spend for goods and services. In 2005, Cinzia left Nortel to found Sukha Technologies, the company which developed and operates the Internet site

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