Daina Kalnins

Daina Kalnins is a registered dietitian and works as an Academic and Clinical Specialist Dietitian at a children’s hospital in Toronto. Working with children and their families over the years has offered Daina insights into children’s eating habits from different cultural backgrounds, in different states of health - from the very healthy to those with acute and chronic health issues.

Daina shares her knowledge on nutrition in pediatrics and in maternal nutrition with the general public in the co-authorship of several books on nutrition, the Hospital for Sick Children’s book series on nutrition, including Better Baby Food, Better Food for Kids, Better Food for Pregnancy, and Better Breastfeeding.

While Daina is working full time in pediatric nutrition, her more important role remains as the mother of two young children and wife. All were consulted extensively in creating the recipes for the nutrition books. With proper education, and exposure to a variety of healthy food choices on a daily basis, Daina believes that all children can be brought up to enjoy a lifetime of healthy eating. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Books by Daina Kalnins