Deb Roussou

An accomplished cookbook author with close to a million copies in print in five languages, Deb Roussou began her culinary education at the age of four in her grandmother’s coastal California restaurant.

Deb's family opened a restaurant in Northern California and due to the lack of a labor board in town she soon discovered a natural talent for cooking. In the kitchen of their little roadside attraction her father, a professionally-trained chef, taught her all the basics while educating the local pallets. The clientele, mostly loggers, soon grew bored with a simple Béchamel and rioted until her father agreed to change the menu and serve the veal cutlet with the more exciting Mornay Sauce.

A stint in Santa Fe introduced flavors of the Southwest, unleashing in Deb a serious passion for New Mexican green chile. Austin and Seattle presented Tex-Mex and Pacific Northwest cuisines, where Deb learned to make fajitas from the butcher responsible for putting it on the map, and was whispered the secret of perfect steamed mussels by a gnarly old fish monger. Extensive travel for work put her in proximity with locals proud to share their culinary riches. Nova Scotian Donairs, Louisiana étoufféé, and even Transylvanian chimney cake have contributed to her diverse style of cooking.

A successful caterer, food consultant, teacher and cookbook author, Deb was a resident of Northern California. Her favorite food was green chile anything and her happiest time was that spent in the kitchen with family and close friends.

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