Johannes F. Coy

Dr. Johannes F. Coy is a biologist, cancer researchers and discoverer of the TKTL1-sugar metabolic pathway. He was born 1963 in Otzberg / Habitzheim at Darmstadt.

Dr. Coy worked for eleven years at the renowned German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, where he discovered the TKTL1 gene. After his academic research he founded the pharmaceutical company TAVARGENIX GmbH and the diagnostics company TAVARLIN AG to use the findings around the TKTL1 gene for the development of new cancer therapies and cancer diagnostic tests.

On the basis of the TKTL1-sugar metabolism Dr. Coy also developed foods that are consistent with the genetic and biochemical features of the human and facilitate the implementation of its nutrition concept in everyday life.

In his book "The New Anti-Cancer Diet" which was a bestseller, Dr. Coy explains in plain language the opportunities to become active, to increase with diet and exercise, the effectiveness of cancer therapies. With the help of healthy sugars with low glycemic index and the knowledge of the TKTL1-sugar metabolism, he is currently developing healthy foods for the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, tooth decay and the metabolic syndrome. Dr. Coy resides in Germany.

Books by Johannes F. Coy