Marilyn Haugen

Marilyn Haugen is a small business owner, author, mother and passionate food lover. She holds both a BBA and an MBA. Marilyn’s professional career enabled her to travel the world and experience the food cycle from beginning to end, and in many different cultures.

After 30 years as a senior level finance professional working for large multinational corporations, Marilyn decided to become a stay-at-home mom and pursue her passions, many of which relate to food, home and health.

Marilyn has always been passionate about cooking because it brings people together. From her childhood days to present, food has always been a means of celebrating with family and friends.

Marilyn owns her own media company, which focuses on a variety of lifestyle interests, particularly great food and entertaining. You can join her at Marilyn is also a syndicated contributor to the eMJay Media network.

Marilyn and her daughter live in Madison, Wisconsin.

Books by Marilyn Haugen