Michelle Berridale-Johnson

Michelle started writing historical recipes back in the 1980s as a follow on to the historical lecture tour series that she was giving in the USA. A fruitful collaboration with the British Museum produced a short series of books, the first of which, The British Museum Cookbook, is still in print and on sale!

When, in the early 1990s, she became involved in 'special diets' her skills, honed on converting unlikely 13th century recipes into delicious 20th century dishes, were turned on ingredients which could be used to replace gluten, wheat, dairy, butter, eggs etc in everyday cooking. The result, apart from the recipes on this site, was ten 'freefrom' cookbooks, many of which are still selling well today.

Michelle believes that cooking should be easy, quick, hassle free and enjoyable so her recipes are just that, easy, quick, hassle free and, hopefully, fun to make. Wherever possible she offers alternatives for particular diets and she encourages cooks to taste and adapt recipes to their own and their family preferences. Recipes are there, she believes, to inspire and give ideas – not to be followed slavishly!

Apart from writing recipes, Michelle edits the FoodsMatter family of websites and writes the FoodsMatter blog (complete with garden and cats!) She lives in the United Kingdom.

Books by Michelle Berridale-Johnson