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A. Hillary Steinhart

Dr. Hillary Steinhart is a Professor of Medicine in the Departments of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and the Head of the Combined Division of Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai Hospital and...

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Alexandra Anca

Alexandra Anca is a registered dietitian and nutritional consultant with expertise in Gastroenterology, Weight Management, Women's Health Issues, Hypertension, High Cholestereol, Diabetes, and...

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Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys is an internationally exhibited, prize-winning photographer/videographer, and a foodie. His fine-art photos have been celebrated for thirty years with solo-shows in landmark...

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Alison Bested

Dr. Alison Bested MD, FRCPC, is a Haematological Pathologist. For 20 years she had a medical practice in Toronto where she treated patients with complex medical illnesses including: Myalgic...

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Alison Kent

Alison Kent is an avid food writer, recipe developer, cookbook author and Red Seal-certified chef. With more than 15 years experience at many acclaimed Toronto restaurants and test kitchens,...

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