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Heather Butt

Heather Butt, P.H.Ec and Donna Washburn, P.H.Ec, both professional home economists with honors food science degrees, are acknowledged experts in the field of gluten-free recipe development and...

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Ian Hemphill

Ian Hemphill can’t remember when herbs and spices were not a part of his life. The younger son of John and Rosemary Hemphill, who pioneered Australia’s love of herbs and spices in the 1950’s, Ian...

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Igor Brotto

Originally from the Veneto region, Chef Igor Brotto completed his chef training in 1989. He has worked in recognized institutions in Italy, England and Germany, settling in Montreal in 1994....

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Ilana Simon

Ilana Simon served as food columnist for The Winnipeg Free Press for 12 years. She is a bestselling cookbook author of 125 Best Fondue Recipes, 125 Best Indoor Grill Recipes, 125 Best...

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Irene A. Malaty

Irene A. Malaty, M.D., is a Professor at the University of Florida where she completed a fellowship in movement disorders in 2007. She leads the Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence and is...

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