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Nikolas R. Hedberg

Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg is the founder of the Immune Restoration Center in Asheville, North Carolina where he sees patients worldwide with thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances...

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Norman Saunders, MD, FRCP (C)

Dr. Norman Saunders, MD was a renowned general pediatrician with over 30 years experience in dealing with the problems of parenting. He was also a staff paediatrician at the Hospital for Sick...

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Olivia Biermann (aka Liv B)

Olivia Biermann is the creator of Liv B – the cooking channel for people who want to make...

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Olivier Guiriec

Chef Olivier Guiriec is native of Nantes, France. He started his career in 1986 when he began his culinary training in cuisine and pâtisserie under the supervision of Chef Jean-Claude Pastoureau,...

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Pat Crocker
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