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What Are Bullying and Cyberbullying?
Bullying refers to any cruelty or intimidation of the more vulnerable; cyberbullying is bullying using social media technology, such as computers, cellphones, digital cameras, and the Internet.       Bullying may be in the form of either physical assault or emotional... More »
Are my kids eating enough?
Are my kids eating enough? by Joanne Saab, RD and Daina Kalnins, MSc., RD, authors of Better Food for Kids, Second Edition Many mothers worry that their children are not eating enough.  While this is a concern for many moms throughout the growing years it is particularly true during the... More »
What is the Best Food for Babies?
The Best Food for Babies There is a saying that variety is the spice of life. This statement is certainly true in the field of nutrition. By feeding your baby a wide variety of foods you are providing her with an extensive range of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and... More »
Guacamole (kid-fav)
'Guacamole is a staple in our home, whether served at snack time with tortilla chips or with vegetables as a pre-dinner dip. On a piece of soft bread, it’s perfect for older toddlers. For babies with some solid-food experience of stronger-tasting foods, this can be puréed and served on a spoon for... More »
What Foods to Start When
Children progress at very different rates. Let your child help you assess when he is ready to start making the move from exclusively breast or bottle feedings to table foods. At six months of age, iron stores your baby acquired from you during pregnancy start to decline, and an additional source... More »