Articles & Recipes

Nutty Granola Bars
In university I went through a homemade granola bar phase. They were portable and sweet, and kept me going between classes. The only problem was that they fell apart — I often ended up eating them with a spoon stolen from the cafeteria. These no-bake bars stick together. Not only are they perfect... More »
Caterpillar Crawl Buttercream Cupcakes
Perfect for spring, this Caterpillar Crawl project is sure to delight (and definitely impress) your friends and family. Simply click the below links for step-by-step, full-color instructions on how to make your very own... More »
Lotsa Lemon Squares (gluten-free)
Temptingly tart, amazingly addictive — your Spring-time guests are going to want a second or third piece. You’ll be so glad this recipe is gluten-free so everyone can indulge. More »
Herbed Salmon with Asparagus
This gourmet one-pot meal is one of my go-to dishes. The flavors are simple and pleasantly satisfying. More »
Sunrise-Sunset Apple Bacon Strata
This works perfectly for brunch or an easy Spring-time supper. Serve with maple syrup in the morning or a green salad at night. What could be easier! More »