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Shrimp Moilee
'My first trip to India was with Mum and Dad when they were leading one of their Spice Discovery tours. I was enthralled by the amount of fresh seafood available in Cochin, in the southwestern state of Kerala. This recipe from that region is easy to make and tastes amazing. The flavors are fresh,... More »
Tips on pairing wines with spices...
MUCH HAS BEEN written on the principles of matching wine and food, and although the principles of matching are universally agreed upon, when it comes to spices there is often a misconception that wine does not go with spicy food and that the most appropriate beverage to accompany spicy meals is... More »
What Apples Are Best for Cooking, Baking, Eating?
APPLE VARIETIES Ambrosia - a native of British Columbia, an accidental crossbreed likely derived from Golden Delicious and Starking Delicious. It is a crisp apple with attractive gold-streaked red skin, good for snacking and for salads because it is slow to brown after being cut. Beauty of Bath -... More »
How to Beat Egg Whites
BEATING EGGS IN COPPERThe French have long stipulated using a copper bowl for beating egg foams. Egg whites beaten in a copper bowl are creamier, glossier, and less likely to overbeat than foam produced using glass or stainless steel bowls. When you whisk egg whites in a copper bowl, some copper... More »
What Can I Substitute for Soy Sauce?
 Soy Sauce Also known as shoyu (Japanese). A complex, salty brown condiment that’s inextricably bound with the cuisines of China, Japan, and other Asian countries. At its most basic, soy sauce is the liquid produced from a long and complex process of fermenting soy beans. Numerous styles exist... More »