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Homemade All-Natural Lavender Soap
Lavender essential oil is known for its health-enhancing, relaxing properties. It relieves anxiety, irritability, stress, headaches and skin problems. What an incredible Mother's Day gift. And, you know mom will absolutely love the fact that you made it for her yourself...Click the below link to... More »
Berries and Cream Pavlova
Hello, gorgeous! This stunning dessert has multiple delightful layers: a crisp-pillowy meringue, a tangy whipped cream filling and fresh berries. Your mom will love it this Mother's Day! More »
Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
 Thoughtful (and inexpensive) gift ideas for the fabulous mom in your life!  Can you imagine life without your mom? I sure can’t. My mom is my best friend. The one I turn to for advice. The one who is always in my corner – no matter what. The one I want to make proud.  I may not... More »
Stylish (and Edible) Mother's Day Gifts
Is your mom one of the most stylish women you know? Is she always dressed in her best no matter what the occasion?Women like this deserve a little extra attention, so why not show your mom just how much you appreciate her stylin' personality by making her these fabulous 'fancy hat' cookies? ... More »
Easy Decorating Ideas for Mother's Day
This fold is tied with a ribbon, adding girlish style to the tabletop. Alternatively, you can pull it through a napkin ring. If using ribbon, keep in mind that you will need a 20-inch (50 cm) length for each napkin.Any fabric weight in any color or pattern works; Denise Vivaldo, author of Perfect... More »